Found This On YouTube

by vicentekarl on September 7, 2014

Is hypnosis real or fake? Watch this –

It’s funny how some people refuse to really look at the facts and appeal to only their own emotions!


Updates From The Trenches!

by vicentekarl on June 4, 2014

I’ve been doing some traveling lately; my particular highlight of my trip to Vienna is my annual lecture at the Vienna Technological College where I talked on brain development as well as chemical processes which drive the development of the brain e.g. blood fractionation. I’ve also managed to meet up with my old friend Kat and we chatted a little about our times back in Princeton.

I am now back in my lab, and am preparing my lectures on subliminal influences for the new freshman class.

Michela, Brian, Lee Zher and Chad Classen:- I look forward to working closely with you!



Are Her Actions Saying She Wants a Breakup?

by vicentekarl on May 11, 2014

Hello fellow lovers!  You know what I find the hardest thing about relationships? Breakups, of course!  Sometimes it cannot be avoided but at other times you get the feeling you could have done something if you only knew how to interpret often subtle signs early on.

Now I’m no spring chicken, so I’ve been through a few relationships – never more than with one girl at a time, meaning I’ve also gone through quite a few breakups.  Let me tell you from experience that all breakups hurt – even the ones you unfortunately have to initiate.  But what would make it easier to get past a breakup is knowing it happened despite having given it your all. But how can you say you did everything possible to save the relationship if you don’t even know how to recognize the warning signs?  This post is intended to help you be more aware of those unspoken indications of serious discontent in a relationship.

The Dreaded Break Up

One of the biggest nightmares for guys – no wait, everyone – in a relationship is to wake up one day with their partners asking to break up. That’s seriously one of the worst things imaginable. One moment you guys are very much okay, and the next she wants to call it quits.

But hey, before you hit the bar and drown yourself in booze or some other way of coping with breakups, read on first. You might be overreacting.

The Signs

Truth is, your ladylove may not be saying anything but she couldn’t completely hide her feelings so she’s showing it in different ways. There are telltale signs in the way she talks, the way she acts, the way she generally is with you. If you’re sensitive enough to notice these red flags, you might save yourself from such predicament. Read on to know more; you may someday thank me for helping you salvage your relationship:

She seems distant and often her eyes are focused in the distance instead of on you. It does not take a psychologist to know that this is the physical manifestation of thoughts of ‘the other side is greener’. She is looking at something that she may get elsewhere that she’s apparently not getting where she currently is: with you.

She’s distracted and lost in your conversations. Keeping her full attention on you becomes a chore for her because she’s lost interest in you and in the relationship. Like in No. 1,her thoughts are ‘somewhere else’.

She starts a fight for no reason. When your girl becomes grumpy for no reason, yes, not even PMS, she might be looking for a way out. At the back of her mind, all her frustrations in being in the relationship is building up. That, and partly maybe anger towards herself over what is happening with the relationship.

She likes being alone and physically distant. Some girls are naturally physically ‘clingy’, they hug a lot, they hold a lot. If you have this kind of girlfriend and you notice a sudden reversal, this might be a red flag. They also tend to like to go out without you – more vacations and sleepovers with the girls, more alone time, and she sleeps on her side of the bed and stays there the rest of the night.

She is not happy about doing things for you anymore. Girls are usually very attentive to the needs of their partners. They make coffee on routine, fix your tousled hair or straighten your tie instinctively. When a girl wants out, this part of her totally changes. At some point she may even tell you ‘ why don’t you learn to fix this yourself?’ or something along those lines.

Second Chances?

When you begin to notice two or more of these signs, you may want to sit down with her and talk about what’s wrong. Sometimes, all that a girl needs is for her man to listen to her and know how she truly feels. When she opens up, let her speak her heart out – you’ll never know what’s been boiling up inside her for the longest time if you don’t.

Go back in time together. Try to find out what went wrong. Ask her if she really wants out or just needs to be away for some time. If you think that she just needs some space, give it to her. And while she’s away, go to a good Seduction Blog to help you win her back. Sometimes couples just need reliving the emotions that have lain idle due to familiarity.

If you really want to keep her, then go work on it. Knowing how to control a girl’s mind could help you reverse her harsh decisions.

It’s never too late, buddy!

As a hypnotist I can help you deal with post breakup depression, among other things.  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to:


Surviving A Relationship With A Diva Girlfriend

by vicentekarl on April 17, 2014

Hello readers.  It’s still me, Vicente, and a recent experience (just a year back) has inspired me to write this post about diva girlfriends and how to handle them.

About this time last year I was dating someone I prefer not to mention by name, but who was a real diva.  I mean even my friends used to jokingly call her the queen or refer to her as her majesty – not in her face of course but you get the drift.  It took some time for me to realize that the relationship was hopeless, that she will not stop trying to boss me around, ever.  But once I did there was no other way but to call it quits.  I have listed a few tips in this post to help those of you having the same problems now.  I hope it helps you decide what corrective measures to take or, if correction is not possible, to muster the courage to leave.

Ah divas!

They come in all forms. They are found everywhere. And they have their own type of diva-ness. They are easy to spot, but they are difficult to resist. What, with their own-the-stage attitude, strutting their way to your heart, and their feistiness, you may simply find them irresistible. It’s even impossible not to take a double look when they wear the regular LBD with the confidence of a thousand models.

The thing is, they are hard to maintain – in almost every aspect. They dominate everything and they are not the least bit afraid to express their opinions. They will tow you around like a good little puppy if you let them, and walk all over you if you lose yourself in the process. They will have you walking where they want you to like a little marionette. And they might even dump you at the first sign of a better male.

Some divas grow out of it, but some just don’t. And if you want to date a certified diva, you have to first learn how to ask a girl out on a date AND you’d have to know how to curb that attitude before it consumes you.

Here are tips on dating a total diva girl:

Let your testosterone empower her. A diva is almost always drawn to the alpha male, but somehow, the weakling in the pack is convenient. If you want to date a diva, you have to be the man. You have to show her who’s boss. She cannot make you wait, she cannot boss you around, and she cannot tell you to do anything rudely; and by all means tell her off if she starts to nag. Leave if she’s illogically late, don’t carry her purse if her hands are practically empty and have her say ‘please’.

Tell her off when she’s being mean to others. Some divas are just catty. They look down on other girls and everyone is a competition for her beauty. When she starts badmouthing another girl, or humiliates another to the point of bullying, by all means tell her off. There are reasons why girls bully, and maybe you should try to get to know why she is one. Do not be afraid to tell her about what’s wrong with what she did. She may hate you for it but you have done the world a lot of good by curbing a little of her brattiness.

Don’t fall for her dramatics. Remember Sharpay Evans’ character on The High School Musical? She gets everything she wants from her dad by resorting to the tantrum mode? Well, she’s going to be exactly like that with you. She will slam you for spending time with friends and not her, for cancelling a date because of a work emergency, or simply for wearing red when she planned for you both to go out in matching pink outfits. Don’t fall for the dramatics or she’ll end up very clingy. When she realizes that it doesn’t work on you, she’ll likely stop.

Don’t spoil her. Don’t give in to everything she wants. Just because she said you should be drinking Coke means you’d drink Coke even when you’re really dying to have a Mountain Dew.

Don’t let this diva girlfriend walk all over you and make you her slave. Keep up with the tips above, and she’ll either leave (and save yourself from further disasters) or she’ll become a much nicer girl.

If you are forever getting walked on all over, maybe it is because you lack the confidence to assert yourself.  As a hypnotist, I can help you with that.  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to:


Beware Of These Things When Meeting Online Dates

by vicentekarl on March 25, 2014

In my younger days we only had the beginnings of email and of course the old snail mail to communicate over long distances.  Dating wise, this effectively limited our choices to those near us – colleagues at work, college mates, and neighbors.  I remember the time when internet communications opened up world it also expanded my dating horizon; and I did not even like dating sites.  Spoilt for choice does not begin to describe the feeling that I felt then, but along with that came a nagging feeling that I really need to be a little cautious people I meet over the net.

Men today are so much luckier than men of thirty or forty years ago. For one, today’s women are more liberated, generally more open minded and willing to do things that would have been considered immoral or socially unacceptable in the past. Two, developments in communications have helped advance the courtship and dating rules and practices of today; it has made dating beyond the physical horizon possible.

So yes, technology has given birth to online dating. Internet technology has advanced so much that it is not only possible to exchange correspondence online but it also allows us to actually talk to and even see the person we are communicating with.  All of these happen in real time and without you having to leave that favorite spot in front of your computer.

However, no matter how accepted online dating has become, people still need to connect in the real world. There is still that girl who is worth the time and effort to actually meet up close. Technology still cannot replicate nor replace real personal interaction.

While this is a wonderful development as far as your dating life is concerned, it may not exactly be the safest thing around security-wise. And yes, it is just as dangerous to men as it is to women. So gentlemen, DO NOT ignore what your mommas say about talking to strangers; here are some red flags to avoid when meeting women online:

When she wants to meet you in a private place:  Don’t let your gentlemanly instincts take over you, mister, it is unwise to meet her at an unfamiliar place like maybe, her neighborhood or her house/apartment – especially on the first meeting. The last thing you want is to be mugged by people she’s may be in cahoots with and waiting to ambush you at your ‘meeting place’. When you agree to meet each other, meet at a public place close to the center of the city.  This can be disregarded if you have met in public a few times and have grown familiar and secure in each other’s company.

When she wants you to pay for something: Scammers know how to create drama to lure their victims into believing you have to pay for something. It could be a ‘donation’, some ‘cash emergency’ or whatever story they come up with to fleece money from you. When they try to get you to send them money, veer away from them because chances are, they are only as good as their profile and when they get your money – they’ll be gone along with your money. Or she simply thinks you are rich. Women really want to marry a rich man.

Over eagerness to meet you:  Oops, this is a bright red flag! This spells out CLINGY. Ideally, most girls – the harmless ones at least – would be so wary about meeting up face-to-face with someone they only met online. It should take weeks at least and an awful lot of convincing to get them to meet with you. IF they are overeager, and the invitation comes with sexual innuendoes and promises, then maybe you should pause and think it over before you agree to go.

If you are trying online dating to get over a breakup, my advice is: don’t. This is probably what you’ll need more: SonicSeduction techniques on how to get an ex girlfriend back. Do not fall victim to the criminals and syndicates on the internet. Protect yourself!

It may help to get rid of unattractive habits before going on a date – this is where hypnotherapy may help.  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to:


Hello Everyone!

Here I am again after some time; hope this is as helpful as my last blog post. Happy reading!

Back in college, I’ve gone through quite a few relationships most of which ended without any hard feelings.  But I have to make an exception of one relationship where I had to initiate the breakup after having been cheated on – talk about lasting impression, that one traumatized me for quite some time.  I spent a lot of time thinking about it and came to the conclusion that there was a chance we could have prevented it from happening,hence this post.

Cheating is one of the most common, and most frustrating reasons why couples break up, and no relationship is totally immune from it!  It can happen to anyone – even to the strongest, most stable, most fairytale-ish of relationships. And yes, it can happen to your own relationship.

The thing about cheating is that it can happen in a snap, not all of it is fully planned (or ‘premeditated’ for those of you who are TV cop series fans). It can come from that one small moment of vulnerability, like you being drunk at a party and ending up kissing another girl, or she being stressed with your relationship at home that she ends up having sex with her officemate. Sure there was some form of decision-making in there, but more often than not, it’s the body that just simply gives way when the mind is too weak to control it.

A lot of men practice how to win a girl from her boyfriend that’s why a lot of girls are enticed into cheating.

Or it can happen in a brief moment of revenge or forgetfulness. It can come when you or your partner are dazed and unhappy with your relationships and an opportunity to cheat, and escape it all even for a brief moment of betrayal, presents itself.

Those are the moments that you have to guard your relationship from. Because even the most loyal, best of girlfriends and boyfriends in the world who have sworn against cheating will succumb to temtation when they experience so much stress it leads to extremely weak moments.

So How Do You Cheat-Proof A Relationship?

Chastity belts won’t work!  Cheat-proofing your relationship is not about being possessive or rejecting the idea of letting your girlfriend go anywhere without you. Cheat-proofing effectively means building a good foundation in your relationship so that she’d never have to think about wanting to be out it even for the slightest moment, and never putting yourselves in a situation where you could end up vulnerable.

Here are tips on how to cheat-proof your relationship:

Always renew your relationship. Spend quality time with each other regularly. This will keep your love alive and keep your feelings fresh.

Improve your communication. It can never get perfect, it can only get better. Always be honest with each other about everything and keep an open mind about each other’s ideas and feelings. The smallest secret can spark a big cheating mistake.

Do not hold on to each other too tightly. Sometimes, extreme possessiveness drives partners out of the relationship and makes cheating look like it provides that brief moment of freedom.

Never fail to make an effort to make each other happy. Spoil your girlfriend every now and then and she will do the same to you. This will not only keep you both happy in the relationship, and remind you of your duties as a lover.

Don’t be afraid to try new things especially in bed. Add some excitement to your sex life to keep it interesting. Routine leads to boredom.

Avoid being at wild parties without each other. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry, and it so applies in this situation. You wouldn’t have to worry about ending up kissing another woman if you never get drunk in the first place.

Avoid being too exclusively close to another person. It sounds like a comfortable friendship now between you and the girl on the next cubicle, but it may not be the same when you’re in a fight with your girlfriend. She may forego those exclusive dates with her guy BFF too in the same situation!

Mr. V


It takes confident people with strong personalities to nurture a truly healthy relationship.  If there is an aspect of your personality which can use some improvement, maybe hypnotherapy can help.  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to:


What Every Single Guy Should Bring On Travels

by vicentekarl on January 24, 2014

Hello people.  This is Vicente reporting back to duty with another post I hope you’ll all find useful.

While I was on vacation last year, there was this one guy who came up to me asking what I thought hypnotism is good for.  I felt a bit challenged to defend my profession so I told him – almost anything you can think of.  Ever heard of hypnotherapy? While some people knock hypnotism because of old movies portraying it as nothing more than manipulation, hypnotism can and has been used to ease pain, retrieve lost memory, reinforce positive personality traits like confidence, weight loss, etc.  Because I used self hypnosis to make sure I enjoyed my vacation, I managed to brush off the mild insult; the guy walked off schooled on the benefits of hypnosis.

Talking about vacations, it does not matter if you’re traveling for business or for pleasure; if you’re a single guy and you’re going on a trip, these tips are for you. See, traveling is one of the most perfect places to meet the ladies. You’ll get to see different types of ladies, not the generic party kind you meet in bars, more than just your average good girls at the Sunday service, and maybe tons hotter than the girls at your gym’s yoga class.

And because of this infinite opportunity to meet females on your trip, whether it’s by ship, by bus, by train, by plane, and maybe even by car, you have to be ready. You have to always be ready and on the lookout for the ladies you’re bound to meet on the trip [6], at your hotel bar, or at the beach.

Travel Essentials

For starters, here are some travel essentials for every single guy; these are the things that will help make sure that you are ready to meet and mingle with women wherever and whenever:

A good wardrobe – you need to dress the part. You should have wardrobe that should fit your every itinerary. If you’re going on a business trip, you’d likely be supposed to wear a suit so that should already be in your list. But unless you’re going to your business meeting straight from the airport, you would be great with a plane outfit. Make sure you also have clothes for going out, two pairs of jeans (dark one and light one), and always have fresh undies. You wouldn’t want to wind up in bed with a lady and turn her off with your two-day old, stinky briefs. Eww! Make sure you also have a good pair of shoes to fit all of your clothes – you cannot possibly bring your entire shoe collection just to match every little outfit so at least have one pair that fits all.

A little something to pass the time, like a good book, helps. Books are not just a great way to pass time; they are also perfect bait for conversations with girls when you’re on a waiting time. So bring a book whether you’re waiting to board your plane, while the train is in motion, or maybe even when you’re sitting on the beachside trying to get a tan. Your book will attract more meaningful conversations than your abs! Good like guide to become the alpha male.

Bring your manners and good hygiene habits with you.  Deo, toothbrush, breath spray, mints, are all hygiene essentials. Hygiene is even more important when you go out. Buy a toiletry bag that could fit all of them in one place so you don’t have to rummage through your entire luggage when you need them. And besides, a good pack of mints is a good conversation starter. (Thanks for the idea Mentos and Tic Tacs)

A trusty music player attracts conversation. Forget about the baggy Beats by Dr Dre headphones, you’re not Justin Beiber. You can survive well on your trusty ol’ music player (or your smartphone) and some decent looking earplugs. Oh, and they work just like books.

Don’t forget your man accessories. Shades always add a touch of mystery and pizzazz to any look; the right bracelet and watch can add an entirely new dimension to a look.

Now you’re ready to meet and greet women along the way! Bon voyage!

Let hypnotherapy to bring out a more confident and positive version of you.  If you need professional hypnotist services, contact me by going to:


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

by vicentekarl on January 1, 2014

Dear readers,

My best wishes to you and your family, and I hope that you have a good 2014. My 2013 was quite bad with some personal tragedies which I am not going to talk about here.

I will be blogging more actively this year. If you have any suggestions please do email or and I will reply to you personally. 🙂

Much love,



Try Give & Take – You’ve Got To Enjoy The Ride Too!

by vicentekarl on December 30, 2013

Hi guys, Vicente Karl here!  I have actually written this post in response to a question posed by reader John Baker ( who asked:  “Vicente, I am two months into a relationship and I’m starting to feel all tied up.  I usually give in to what she wants to avoid a tiresome argument, but she seems to take advantage of that to get whatever she wants.  Is there a way to assert myself sometimes without getting into a fight?”

Well, John it looks like you are very submissive, but there are ways to turn your relationship into a fine give and take one without necessarily stirring up the hornet’s nest.  Read on for some insights and tips.

There are three kinds of males around: the Alpha, the most Alpha (while he still knows how to compromise), and then of course, there’s the Submissive kind. The latter are the ones who get married and usually let their wives wear the pants in the relationship. They are the ones who get too easily pressured into doing something, the ones who say that they do what they do (aka what they are told to do) because they don’t want any fights. But more often than not, they are just scared of losing the argument so they just don’t bother. Look here for some basic dating advice for men.

While this may work in marriage (to the advantage of wives, obviously), being this submissive ‘Yes, honey’ kind of guy may be a little challenging when you’re trying to pick women up. After all, most women are really after assertive, confident men who know what they want; that, and the fact that you could fall prey to friendzoning women – those who know how to manipulate the weak ones.

Are you a self-confessed submissive man? Here are some dating tips that will not only help you get through the difficult aspects of dating, but will also help you get through it with a woman in tow.

“Give and give” is just as bad as “take and take” – learn how to compromise. The thing about most people is that they mistake compromise for giving in to the wishes of the other person. The truth of the matter is, compromise is meeting each other halfway. If you can’t be persuasive enough to get what you want, you can work towards getting what is good for the both of you.

You have to express how you feel about things honestly – even if you have to do it softly. There are times when you just have to do it. You just have to be honest about what you want and what you don’t want – you don’t always have to agree on everything to make a good couple. So be honest, she’ll appreciate you for it!

Before giving in to her every wish, ask yourself why you would want to do that. Is it to make her happy? Is it to avoid conflicts? How do you honestly feel about giving in to what she’s asking for? Are you doing it because you want to or because you’re pressured to do so?  If you really want the same things, then that’s fine; but if you don’t, then you need to alternate giving concessions to the other.  Otherwise you become a slave and she the master – there’s a good reason why slavery was abolished!

Take the driver’s seat now and then. Your being too submissive might cause her to be demanding (well, you’re encouraging it after all). So maybe the first step towards being a bit more assertive is being decisive. Don’t let her make all the decisions, but make it a point to discuss major decisions with her first. The lines ‘whatever you want’ or ‘whatever you think is better’ only makes sense in the first few dates; after that, they become invitations for her to boss you around. It isn’t always the sweetest way to go so you’ve got to learn how to take the driver’s seat too!

Being submissive isn’t all that bad, take that from a woman’s perspective, but do know how to use it well otherwise you’ll end up being pushed and pulled around against your will.

There are situations when hypnotism is all that’s needed to get you to be just a bit more assertive. Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to:

See previous blog post here. Good luck!


Go On A Really Fantastic Yuletide Season Date!

by vicentekarl on December 11, 2013

A Christmas dinner I spent with my girlfriend last year probably ranks as the most romantic date ever in my book.  Perhaps I still have positive childhood memories of Christmases past; perhaps she does too, which allowed us to see everything with rose-colored glasses.  The food seemed just a little better, our mood was perfect and neither of us will likely forget that day for the rest of our lives, no matter where this relationship leads us.

That’s the reason why if you ask me, Valentine’s isn’t exactly the most romantic time of the year. I must have seen one too many of Christmas movies, read a little too much of my Christmas romance novels that I believe Christmas is the most romantic season of any year. There’s just a certain glow, a generally merry and nice atmosphere, and a certain kind of warmth in this season that makes you believe in miracles and falling in love. It’s like everyone is just ready to find love anywhere at this season!

After learning how to have friends with benefits (guide from PUADatabase), you should know these also.

Where To Go And What To Do – A Few Neat Ideas

If you get this kind of Christmas bug like I do, you may be out looking for dates or dating ideas for your Christmas romance; or you might be one simple boyfriend who just wants to give his girl a  romantic Christmas date. Either way, here are some really helpful tips on how to give your girl a memorable, sweet, and really romantic Yuletide date:

Ice skating is always loads of fun. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a tropical country or you live in Norway where snow begins as early as November, Christmas is the perfect time to go ice skating. You don’t have to be an ice skater to enjoy this very authentic Christmas-y date! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your local ice skating park (or mall/theme park for those who live in the tropics), put on your winter gear, and be ready to fall in love a la Ice Princess and Ice Prince.  But while this is the perfect chance to get unintentionally intimate, what with the hugging and holding that amateur ice skaters get to experience, don’t forget your manners and practice etiquette when touching a lady. She should know that you’re not one to take advantage of the situation and that you’re a gentleman through and through!

Visit a Christmas theme park. Every year, in most every city, there is always a Christmas- themed amusement to rise up. If there is one place in your entire city that can give you all that Christmas goodness and warmth it should be this place so go ahead and make her feel like your very own Christmas princess. Don’t forget to get goodies, souvenirs, and tons and tons of photos! This will definitely work, don’t make her feel neglected.

Go on a night picnic and spend the evening stargazing. In most countries of the world (except for those living in the lower part of the globe), Christmas time is always the coldest time of the year. And with the cold comes the need for tons of snuggles. What better way to bank on the cold nights and get all snuggly than on a night picnic to go stargazing? If you live in a snow-filled country, improvise by having a picnic by the balcony armed with some hot cocoa and a trusty ol’ telescope. Oh, and don’t forget the blanket too! Nothing can be more romantic than a star-filled December night with hot cocoa while sharing a warm blanket with your special someone!

Volunteer at the local soup kitchen. Christmas is the time of giving, and what could be better than to offer your time for the sake of our less fortunate brothers and sisters? This will not only impress her, with you being socially conscious and all, but it will actually make you feel good inside knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life in your own little way.

So, are you ready to fall in love this Christmas?

If you constantly have to really push yourself to do what needs to get done, whether it be get the courage to approach a potential date or anything else, perhaps hypnosis can help.  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to: