The Last Thing You Want To Do Is To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Neglected

by vicentekarl on December 2, 2013

Hi guys, Vicente Karl here.  I’ve been reminiscing about my college days lately – with an emphasis on my college dates.

I had a few girlfriends while in college.  And while each one of them was different from the other, all of them needed to feel special, very special – after all isn’t that what love’s supposed to do to all of us?  What I learned then is that it is easy for men like us to make women feel neglected, even unintentionally.  That lesson I learned inspired this post.  Enjoy reading!

Did you know that women feel more easily neglected than men? And the worst part is, women can feel it without you knowing it; or that you’ve been doing something that makes them feel neglected! You know how most women can easily jump into conclusions and make assumptions about you not loving them and about how insignificant they feel in the relationship. The last thing you want is for them to be secretly feeling neglected, bubbling up, and bursting into a big breakup mess – that’s a much, much bigger mess to clean up.

You better stop or else you’ll hear these things from her.

What Makes Her Feel Neglected

So while I can go on forever about how to make your girlfriend feel loved, I can better tell you more easily and much more quickly how to avoid the mistakes that your fellow gentlemen have unintentionally committed. Here are 5 things that you do that makes your girlfriend feel neglected (aka the things that you had better stop doing if you still want to make part of the other half of your relationship):

When you don’t listen to her – or at least appear not to. Women love men who listen; it makes them feel like they are important, that what they have to say actually matters. And the moment you show any sign of disinterest – texting someone else while she’s talking, talking about something else without making an intelligible reaction over what she has just said, or simply not saying anything – these can all make her feel unloved. And more than just feeling unloved; the female brain more often than not tries to make up stories and reasons for the reaction (or the non-reaction).

Making decisions without consulting her can make her feel unimportant. So you decided to go out with your buddies on a totally random, last minute plan and of course, you tell her at the last minute too. Not to mention, the way you told her was in a declarative tone and not posed as a question – as if you are merely FYI-ing her about your decision and not actually consulting her about it. If you are guilty of doing this on tlots of things, I bet ya she’s already made a list of it in her brain and is ready to tell you about it on your next big fight. Of course she wants to be part of your life; of course she wants to know that her opinion matters to you. Duh!

But wait! is she likes you, then these are the signs!

Not introducing her to friends or at least not doing it properly. This can be very petty but this is a real problem. When you take her to meet your buddies or officemates, in a scenario where she’s already feeling like an outcast and out of place, you have to make her feel like she is a part of you. She needs your comfort; she needs to know that your attention is on her and that you’re proud to have her around. Petty?  Yes. Necessary? Double yes.

When you forget about important dates and events; oh, she will let you know when it happens and then be ready for the consequences. Forgetting her birthday is one thing; forgetting about her mother’s birthday that she has been planning for weeks – now that’s a double whammy and you’re surely sleeping elsewhere. A woman can remember everything and so, even when it could be almost impossible physically to have you remember everything the way she does, she would still expect it from you. If you can’t remember it, write it. Pin it. Alarm it on your phone. Just! Do!

Not getting jealous – at least occasionally. Believe it or not, being jealous at her ex or at the guy who’s hitting on her will make her comfortable to some point. She needs to know that she is important enough for you not to want to share her with anyone else. She needs to know that you want her to belong to you. Keep the jealousy in healthy in reasonable proprtion though.

So which of these things have you been most guilty of?

By the way, thanks for the good feedback on my last blog post. Expect more advice and tips!

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