Unconventional Date Ideas Sure To Impress Her!

by vicentekarl on November 7, 2013

Hi fellas.  When I was just starting to date, I used to wrack my brains trying to find the magic formula for winning over the women I was interested in.  Then I sort of stumbled upon the idea that to attract the fairer sex, I must stand out from the rest.  So I started to experiment with unconventional ideas for sharing a romantic days and evenings together.  Thankfully, I found that girls love going on the more unusual types of dates; to them movies and dinners start to get boring after some time.  This post contains 5 of the most unusual date ideas I have found effective for attracting the opposite sex.

To women, there are two basic and essential elements that constitute a good and memorable date:

(1) the person they are on a date with, and

(2) what happened during the date.

You may be the best, most charming, most lovable date in the world, but if you took her somewhere too plain and simple, you may not have nailed that date to a perfect 100%.

When planning an awesome unforgettable date, here’s one bit to remember: make sure that the objective of every date you take a special woman to is to charm her with who you are and make her feel special enough on your date that she wouldn’t forget you for it.

Ideas for your special date

Running out of ideas on unusually special dates? Here are some things to add to your idea list:

Get yourselves pampered at a spa. What better way to make a woman feel special than take her on a spa date?! Gentlemen, spa dates are no longer reserved to old couples, bachelorette parties, and honeymooning couples. Your local spa can be your new dating best friend. Get a soothing, relaxing, invigorating massage and body scrub together; pamper yourselves in their scented pool baths or Jacuzzi while sharing a bottle or two of wine. She’d not only thank you for making her feel like a Queen; she will associate you with the happy, relaxed feeling she gets afterwards.

Head out to the golf course and play a few holes. It’s serene. The views are awesome and picture perfect. And if you’re lucky, the food at the clubhouse is almost always decent enough for a not-so-formal date. What more can you ask for? This is one sport that will make you athletic without you having to worry too much about sweating like a mad dog afterwards. Plus, if she’s a newbie, you can always try to impress her. (PS: it’s also one sport where, unless you both are serious golfers, neither you nor she would feel threatened by some competition).

Go book shopping. A person’s choice of books will tell you a lot about his or her personality; and what better way to find out than to go book shopping together?! Scout around for the most unusual and hidden book stores in your town or get on a road trip in search of the rarest book finds. You can opt to go exchange your book finds later!

Join a fun run. Not a runner? You don’t have to be one! The great part about this date is that you can spend several pre-dates beforehand, aka training and practice, before the big fun run day (or night). You are not only getting to spend some quality time with each other; you are also helping each other transition to fairly healthier lives. What could be better?

Volunteer for a local charity even just for a day. Why don’t you make good use of your date and pay it forward? Take time out, together, in helping out at a local charity. It doesn’t matter what it is; you could be at the Soup Kitchen, be a big brother and big sister at some orphanage, or even help at the local animal shelter. This nails quite a lot of stuff too: you get to spend time together, you get to help in your own little way, and you get to feel out each other’s characters.  Helping in charitable works makes a very good date idea especially during the yuletide season! [3]

So, what else have you got on your plate? You can also see the SIBG method on making a girl want you badly.

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