Surviving A Relationship With A Diva Girlfriend

by vicentekarl on April 17, 2014

Hello readers.  It’s still me, Vicente, and a recent experience (just a year back) has inspired me to write this post about diva girlfriends and how to handle them.

About this time last year I was dating someone I prefer not to mention by name, but who was a real diva.  I mean even my friends used to jokingly call her the queen or refer to her as her majesty – not in her face of course but you get the drift.  It took some time for me to realize that the relationship was hopeless, that she will not stop trying to boss me around, ever.  But once I did there was no other way but to call it quits.  I have listed a few tips in this post to help those of you having the same problems now.  I hope it helps you decide what corrective measures to take or, if correction is not possible, to muster the courage to leave.

Ah divas!

They come in all forms. They are found everywhere. And they have their own type of diva-ness. They are easy to spot, but they are difficult to resist. What, with their own-the-stage attitude, strutting their way to your heart, and their feistiness, you may simply find them irresistible. It’s even impossible not to take a double look when they wear the regular LBD with the confidence of a thousand models.

The thing is, they are hard to maintain – in almost every aspect. They dominate everything and they are not the least bit afraid to express their opinions. They will tow you around like a good little puppy if you let them, and walk all over you if you lose yourself in the process. They will have you walking where they want you to like a little marionette. And they might even dump you at the first sign of a better male.

Some divas grow out of it, but some just don’t. And if you want to date a certified diva, you have to first learn how to ask a girl out on a date AND you’d have to know how to curb that attitude before it consumes you.

Here are tips on dating a total diva girl:

Let your testosterone empower her. A diva is almost always drawn to the alpha male, but somehow, the weakling in the pack is convenient. If you want to date a diva, you have to be the man. You have to show her who’s boss. She cannot make you wait, she cannot boss you around, and she cannot tell you to do anything rudely; and by all means tell her off if she starts to nag. Leave if she’s illogically late, don’t carry her purse if her hands are practically empty and have her say ‘please’.

Tell her off when she’s being mean to others. Some divas are just catty. They look down on other girls and everyone is a competition for her beauty. When she starts badmouthing another girl, or humiliates another to the point of bullying, by all means tell her off. There are reasons why girls bully, and maybe you should try to get to know why she is one. Do not be afraid to tell her about what’s wrong with what she did. She may hate you for it but you have done the world a lot of good by curbing a little of her brattiness.

Don’t fall for her dramatics. Remember Sharpay Evans’ character on The High School Musical? She gets everything she wants from her dad by resorting to the tantrum mode? Well, she’s going to be exactly like that with you. She will slam you for spending time with friends and not her, for cancelling a date because of a work emergency, or simply for wearing red when she planned for you both to go out in matching pink outfits. Don’t fall for the dramatics or she’ll end up very clingy. When she realizes that it doesn’t work on you, she’ll likely stop.

Don’t spoil her. Don’t give in to everything she wants. Just because she said you should be drinking Coke means you’d drink Coke even when you’re really dying to have a Mountain Dew.

Don’t let this diva girlfriend walk all over you and make you her slave. Keep up with the tips above, and she’ll either leave (and save yourself from further disasters) or she’ll become a much nicer girl.

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