Go On A Really Fantastic Yuletide Season Date!

by vicentekarl on December 11, 2013

A Christmas dinner I spent with my girlfriend last year probably ranks as the most romantic date ever in my book.  Perhaps I still have positive childhood memories of Christmases past; perhaps she does too, which allowed us to see everything with rose-colored glasses.  The food seemed just a little better, our mood was perfect and neither of us will likely forget that day for the rest of our lives, no matter where this relationship leads us.

That’s the reason why if you ask me, Valentine’s isn’t exactly the most romantic time of the year. I must have seen one too many of Christmas movies, read a little too much of my Christmas romance novels that I believe Christmas is the most romantic season of any year. There’s just a certain glow, a generally merry and nice atmosphere, and a certain kind of warmth in this season that makes you believe in miracles and falling in love. It’s like everyone is just ready to find love anywhere at this season!

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Where To Go And What To Do – A Few Neat Ideas

If you get this kind of Christmas bug like I do, you may be out looking for dates or dating ideas for your Christmas romance; or you might be one simple boyfriend who just wants to give his girl a  romantic Christmas date. Either way, here are some really helpful tips on how to give your girl a memorable, sweet, and really romantic Yuletide date:

Ice skating is always loads of fun. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a tropical country or you live in Norway where snow begins as early as November, Christmas is the perfect time to go ice skating. You don’t have to be an ice skater to enjoy this very authentic Christmas-y date! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your local ice skating park (or mall/theme park for those who live in the tropics), put on your winter gear, and be ready to fall in love a la Ice Princess and Ice Prince.  But while this is the perfect chance to get unintentionally intimate, what with the hugging and holding that amateur ice skaters get to experience, don’t forget your manners and practice etiquette when touching a lady. She should know that you’re not one to take advantage of the situation and that you’re a gentleman through and through!

Visit a Christmas theme park. Every year, in most every city, there is always a Christmas- themed amusement to rise up. If there is one place in your entire city that can give you all that Christmas goodness and warmth it should be this place so go ahead and make her feel like your very own Christmas princess. Don’t forget to get goodies, souvenirs, and tons and tons of photos! This will definitely work, don’t make her feel neglected.

Go on a night picnic and spend the evening stargazing. In most countries of the world (except for those living in the lower part of the globe), Christmas time is always the coldest time of the year. And with the cold comes the need for tons of snuggles. What better way to bank on the cold nights and get all snuggly than on a night picnic to go stargazing? If you live in a snow-filled country, improvise by having a picnic by the balcony armed with some hot cocoa and a trusty ol’ telescope. Oh, and don’t forget the blanket too! Nothing can be more romantic than a star-filled December night with hot cocoa while sharing a warm blanket with your special someone!

Volunteer at the local soup kitchen. Christmas is the time of giving, and what could be better than to offer your time for the sake of our less fortunate brothers and sisters? This will not only impress her, with you being socially conscious and all, but it will actually make you feel good inside knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life in your own little way.

So, are you ready to fall in love this Christmas?

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