Dealing with a Nagging Girlfriend

by vicentekarl on June 17, 2013

Hi fellas!  In this post I would like to discuss the issue of nagging.  That should get the attention of most male readers!

I’ve had a couple of girlfriends who used to nag.  One of them really can’t help herself – it was almost second nature for her to nag, so we parted ways.  The other one we were able to overcome through better communication.  After some time we also went our separate ways but not because of nagging – we just fell out of love I guess.  This only goes to show that while nagging is a serious problem, it is not something insurmountable.

We’ve talked about clingy girlfriends and divas. It’s about time we talk about nagging girlfriends. How do you draw the line between having a feisty, tough, I-know-my-place-in-the-world kind of girlfriend and a plain nagger? And, what should a classy, decent, respectful man do when he feels slighted by a “nagging” girlfriend?

Nagging, for most men, is that thing that comes with constant complaining, whining and rattling about what is wrong with you, what is wrong with the relationship, and what is wrong with how you are to her. To many men, this is about a woman complaining basically about the person that he is and how he cannot be the person that she wants him to be. It is as if she is rejecting who you are because she has this ‘better’ vision of what you should be.  And that is just a perfect way to kill a man’s ego.

So, she keeps complaining. She keeps telling you what to do; it’s not even asking. It’s plain ordering you around in a raised voice, in the bossiest, most insulting manner. What could be worse than that? Doing it in public!

What do you do to stop the nagging? Here are some manly tips:

Get back the respect. Nagging is a serious, outright sign of disrespect to the man that you are. She does not treat you like an equal; you are inferior to her in her eyes. If the nagging is getting worse, ask yourself: have I put myself so low that she cannot find it in her to respect me? How do you present yourself to her? If she bosses you around, then maybe you are letting her boss you around so much that she thinks it is okay.

Talk back. More often than not, men would just keep their mouths shut hoping she would eventually get tired and stop nagging. Instead of telling her off, you just tend to scratch your head, let out a sigh, do as she says and pray that it will stop her from nagging and thus avoid a potential fight. While that can get you through for a few days that will not make the nagging problem go away. You may be sending her the wrong message. By not saying anything, she will think it is okay. Tell her outright to stop.

Talk to her about it when you are both calm. Email this to her, she might thank you. Tell her how you feel about her nagging. More often than not, nagging women are not aware that they are actually nagging. They are blinded by their ‘desire’ to make you the better person that you should be in their eyes. Talking to them about it may make them aware of how you feel and how you really want to be treated.  And for all you know, her nagging may be rooted in something you have been doing or failing to do!  Calm communication helps both of you find appropriate corrective actions.

Know when to draw the line. Before you reach the end of your rope, before it gets physical, put it to a stop. If she cannot respect you, then it’s time to let go. You cannot let yourself be walked on all over; you deserve more dignity than that. Save yourself, and her, from an even worse situation by breaking up with her if she cannot stop the nagging.

Nagging often comes from a deeper psychological problem and you girlfriend might actually need some professional help. Show her you care by helping her get over the root cause of the problem. Worse comes to worst, seek out’s guidance on pickup.

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