Can Choice Of Food Spoil Your Romantic Date? You Betcha!

by vicentekarl on October 10, 2013

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Do you know that I love good food?  It’s true.  That was what drew Margot and I together several years back – our common love of food.  Because of this I had no problems at all in planning our dates, because we shared a common interest.  It didn’t even matter if we chose messy food or exotic (and sometimes smelly) ones, because we enjoyed good meals and each other’s company.  But when going on dates with anyone other than a food lover, there are certain types of food that we may be wise to avoid.

Food is an integral part of every date. Whether it’s some dinner date, some beach trip, or even a trip to the local fair and carnival, food will always be part of the picture. And how you act around food – one the most basic, most instinctive acts of man – will say a lot about how you are as a person. Don’t believe me? Come on, I’m sure you have judged someone adversely after seeing them dip their noses on their soup or drool over their Buffalo wings.

That said; let me introduce you gentlemen to the importance of choosing the right food from the menu when going on a date. Women don’t need this, apparently – women will almost always choose the one that:

(a) doesn’t ruin their dress;

(b) doesn’t make them too full and bloated; and

(c) is easy to eat and does not require some extra dexterity or does not make them look barbaric in general.

And you should learn from the women, gentlemen.

If everything does not go well, you should read my previous blog post. It’s not enough that you nail the looks and conversation department on a date; you wouldn’t want to turn her off with how you manhandled your steak would you?

Steer Clear Of These Types Of Food While On Dates

After mastering my advice on how to get a girl’s phone number. So here are some types of food to avoid on a date if you want to make a good impression:

Noodles and long pasta – because they make a lot of mess. Spaghetti, fettuccini, vermicelli, name it – anything that is long and resembles the hair is messy. Skip it on the menu especially if it comes with hearty, thick sauces like Bolognese. You sure don’t want to be caught dead slurping your spaghetti noisily while splattering sauce all over your face and your shirt. If you’re into pasta, go for the less messy ones like macaroni or ravioli.

Spicy stuff – unless she really likes it. I’m sure everyone wants to look hot on a date, but this isn’t the kind of ‘hot’ you’d want to be when trying to impress a woman. Unless you have a super numb mouth, you definitely don’t want to make a mess of yourself with intensely hot food. You would only end up in two equally messy situations: an uncontrollably runny nose, or in the bathroom with hyperactive bowels.

Keep things mild and sweet so as to keep your dignity intact!

Large sandwiches, burgers, lobsters and crabs, and chicken wings are very messy. There is only one reason why they are such a no-no on dates: there is no way to eat it with dignity. You’d have to open your mouth real wide and just ‘dig into it’ for those sandwiches. And really, can you eat chicken wings, lobsters, and crabs with your silverware? No. And worse, all the sauces and juicy bits – those delicious juicy bits – will have nowhere to go but around your mouth, your neck, and your shirt.

Strong-smelling food (garlic, onion, durian, certain cheeses, etc) – the reason should be obvious. It is normal for most every guy to go out on a date and hope/pray/wish for the date to end up with him locking lips with the lady. But eating strong smelling food would definitely ruin your chances of achieving that. So lay off on the smelliest and keep a pack of mints in your pocket to make sure that you don’t cut the night short with smell of your breath.

See this article from eHarmony.

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