So You Want To Ace Your Dinner Date? Read On

by vicentekarl on July 8, 2013

Hello guys!

An email from a close friend Jim Jackson ( brought back memories of my younger days when dating was a bit more formal and men were expected to be more of a gentleman.  While dating has evolved a bit since then, and more unconventional date ideas abound, formal dinner dates have never really gone out of fashion; feel free to ask your girlfriend if you don’t believe me!  Quiet dinners and proper etiquette have never been known to fail to impress women.

However, dinners at quiet, fancy restaurants, according to many dating gurus, are never a great place to go for first dates, although it is a must in getting a girlfriend. For more tips, see tips on getting a girlfriend quickly. They’re only good for when you’ve established a connection with your date – something that you’ve probably developed by the third or fourth or fifth date. But on a first date? Nah.

See, dinner dates put too much pressure to you and your lady love; when you’re trying to get to know each other and build a special connected on, something as rigid, as tense as a one-on-one interrogation setup as in a dinner date won’t deliver that.

But, if you’re stuck in such situation, what does a gentleman – a real classy dude – do? Here are some tips on how to nail a dinner date like a true, blue gentleman:

Dress to impress. If it’s a tuxedo event, then by all means wear a tuxedo. Match your outfit to the venue. Be slick and polished from head to foot, and don’t forget to smell your best. The good news is you don’t need to spend a fortune to dress nicely! This will not only make you the ultimate eye candy to impress your date; if you look good, you’re likely to feel more confident about yourself and that will show in the way you carry yourself and relate with your date.

Always start your night with a good compliment. This is a must for every date – dinner dates or otherwise. So always go for a nice, warm, sincere and wholesome compliment the moment you see your date. Safe areas are the face and her clothes; avoid – by all means – complimenting her bosom and her behind.

Impress her with your impeccable table manners. It does not matter if you are going for a dinner at some local Tiki Hut, or at a black-tie only restaurant. Table manners are always required. Keep your mouth closed while chewing. Chew quietly. Elbows off the table. Don’t talk when your mouth is full. Know your utensils. Think you forgot? Call Grammy and borrow her old school book on etiquette.

Talk in low tones. Not only is this an excuse to keep close; it is actually good manners. Talk in a voice only loud enough for your date to hear what you are saying.  Avoid boisterous laughter – that one’s better reserved for your night out with the boys. And always, always, look into her eyes when you’re talking.

Be nice to the waiters.  Call their attention by raising your hands and saying ‘waiter!’ just loud and clear enough for them to hear you. Ask them nicely if you want anything and don’t forget your lessons on courtesy. Never forget your ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. How you treat the waiters is always a good measure of how you truly are as a person.

Always offer the crook of your elbow when walking with your girl. Don’t forget to open the doors for her and pull out a chair for him too. These may be old school and may seem ‘uncool’ to you, but trust me, most girls out there will love you for it.

You may also want to read about the mistakes that men make after a date, to save you from committing any of them.

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