So You’ve Just Been Rejected. It’s Not The End Of The World!

by vicentekarl on September 27, 2013

Hi guys!  Have you ever been rejected by the lady of your dreams?  I have.  More times than I care to remember.

I experienced so much rejection during my early dating days [1] that I almost felt like I would never ever succeed in dating a woman I really liked.  Some of the rejections I took really well and a few really hurt; at least for some time.  That I am here now, actively dating a woman I really care for proves that there is indeed life in abundance after rejection – you just have to believe it is there.

Everyone gets a taste of rejection every once in a while. Even if you followed my last blog posts about Gentleman’s Guide: How to Act At Dinner Dates or did some fractionation hypnosis techniques. No charm would work on everyone. It could be a rejection at work, from peers, or it could be the most heartbreaking form of rejection – the romantic kind.

We all get rejected by someone we like at some point.

But despite us knowing this cold hard truth in ife, rejection is still a hard pill to take (esp. if you do one of these). And no matter how many times it’s happened, it feels just as bad – sometimes one being worse than the last. And this is especially true for many guys out there.

It will de-motivate a weak man.  It can drive a confident man’s self-esteem to record lows and cause his ego to shrivel and shrink to an unbelievably minuscule size – enough to make him feel much less than the man he is.

For some, it fuels a boost in confidence. In some cases, it is fake confidence to cover-up the blow on the ego, but there are some who really use the effects of rejection to inspire them toward genuine self improvement.

You just have to… “Learn from it.” As stated in one article from

How to get past a rejection

But really, what should a man do in the face of rejection? How do we accept this hard, surprisingly common ego-blowing phenomenon? Here are some tips for the gentlemen out there:

Accept it as it is: a fact of life that none of us can truly avoid. Somewhere along the way we will experience some form of rejection. Don’t make such a big deal out of it. Treat it like you would about missing the bus – you get pissed one moment, something else to distracts you, and you totally forget about the whole bus ordeal. Don’t make it matter too much because how you were rejected does not really speak of the man that you are – it’s in how you reacted to the rejection that measures your character as a man, and as a gentleman. Shrug it off, dust yourself and wait for the next opportunity to come along.

Speaking of opportunities, you have to believe that the universe has something better in store for you. One of the best ways to accept something as hard to accept as a rejection from a girl you really like is to believe that something or someone better is coming your way. You don’t need to believe in anything to know that something good is coming. That’s just how life works – you win some, you lose some. So you lost today, you’ll win some other time!

Motivate yourself to become better. So maybe three or four rejections in a row cannot be shrugged off, but you can always pick yourself up and try again – this time better, harder, and surer of what you have to do. Take this as a challenge and tweak yourself a bit to come out better. Maybe you need more confidence, or you need to take a shower more often, or maybe you need to just watch your words so you don’t scare women off – really it could be anything. Don’t be someone else; just be a better version of yourself and watch in amazement how this changes your life. In this way you can turn something bad and disappointing (rejection) into something positive.

A rejection from a lady is not the end of the world. Remember, there are lots of fish in the sea – one of them is surely bound to find your bait worth a nibble!

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