How To Abuse Brainwave Entrainment Programs For Fun

by vicentekarl on October 3, 2012

I am a freak when it comes to mind hacking – I gotta admit that. I like getting smarter, and I don’t mind taking supplements to do that. Sometimes it gets dangerous. It borders on addiction. I can feel that my IQ scores are going through the roof.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon brainwave entrainment technology. It’s real, and it’s legit. I mean, look at the proof in these websites –

And so what happens is that someone recommended this brainwave synchronization program to me called the NeuroActivator (you can find more details at Billed as the cutting edge technology when it comes to meditation music, you can find out more about NeuroActivator at the blog: – it’s pretty awesome. I went on to download a free “sampler” track and listened to it when I started meditating – I lapsed into alpha state almost immediately. Highly impressive!

Brainwave Entrainment & Subliminal Programming

I have also found brainwave entrainment to be amazingly powerful when it comes to subliminal persuasion and meta-programming. If you have got negative beliefs or habits which you want to overcome then you should download the appropriate brainwave synchronization programs which are designed to do whatever that you want to do. After my exposure to NeuroActivator I have become a lifelong fan of brainwave entrainment technologies. Meditation is made easier with these programs playing in the background.

Affirmations and visualizations seem so “caveman” when compared to brainwave synchronization. It’s not even funny. What is amazing is that you can probably combine the different methods – for example, hypnosis, persuasion and brainwave entrainment in order to come up with something more infinitely powerful. In my next blog post I will share the results of an experiment which I have done by combining brainwave entrainment (isochronic tones) with subliminal hypnosis. Stay put, and watch this space!

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