Don’t Let Cheating Ruin Your Relationship – Be Pro-Active

by vicentekarl on February 5, 2014

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Back in college, I’ve gone through quite a few relationships most of which ended without any hard feelings.  But I have to make an exception of one relationship where I had to initiate the breakup after having been cheated on – talk about lasting impression, that one traumatized me for quite some time.  I spent a lot of time thinking about it and came to the conclusion that there was a chance we could have prevented it from happening,hence this post.

Cheating is one of the most common, and most frustrating reasons why couples break up, and no relationship is totally immune from it!  It can happen to anyone – even to the strongest, most stable, most fairytale-ish of relationships. And yes, it can happen to your own relationship.

The thing about cheating is that it can happen in a snap, not all of it is fully planned (or ‘premeditated’ for those of you who are TV cop series fans). It can come from that one small moment of vulnerability, like you being drunk at a party and ending up kissing another girl, or she being stressed with your relationship at home that she ends up having sex with her officemate. Sure there was some form of decision-making in there, but more often than not, it’s the body that just simply gives way when the mind is too weak to control it.

A lot of men practice how to win a girl from her boyfriend that’s why a lot of girls are enticed into cheating.

Or it can happen in a brief moment of revenge or forgetfulness. It can come when you or your partner are dazed and unhappy with your relationships and an opportunity to cheat, and escape it all even for a brief moment of betrayal, presents itself.

Those are the moments that you have to guard your relationship from. Because even the most loyal, best of girlfriends and boyfriends in the world who have sworn against cheating will succumb to temtation when they experience so much stress it leads to extremely weak moments.

So How Do You Cheat-Proof A Relationship?

Chastity belts won’t work!  Cheat-proofing your relationship is not about being possessive or rejecting the idea of letting your girlfriend go anywhere without you. Cheat-proofing effectively means building a good foundation in your relationship so that she’d never have to think about wanting to be out it even for the slightest moment, and never putting yourselves in a situation where you could end up vulnerable.

Here are tips on how to cheat-proof your relationship:

Always renew your relationship. Spend quality time with each other regularly. This will keep your love alive and keep your feelings fresh.

Improve your communication. It can never get perfect, it can only get better. Always be honest with each other about everything and keep an open mind about each other’s ideas and feelings. The smallest secret can spark a big cheating mistake.

Do not hold on to each other too tightly. Sometimes, extreme possessiveness drives partners out of the relationship and makes cheating look like it provides that brief moment of freedom.

Never fail to make an effort to make each other happy. Spoil your girlfriend every now and then and she will do the same to you. This will not only keep you both happy in the relationship, and remind you of your duties as a lover.

Don’t be afraid to try new things especially in bed. Add some excitement to your sex life to keep it interesting. Routine leads to boredom.

Avoid being at wild parties without each other. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry, and it so applies in this situation. You wouldn’t have to worry about ending up kissing another woman if you never get drunk in the first place.

Avoid being too exclusively close to another person. It sounds like a comfortable friendship now between you and the girl on the next cubicle, but it may not be the same when you’re in a fight with your girlfriend. She may forego those exclusive dates with her guy BFF too in the same situation!

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