Taking Control Of Your Relationship Makes It Stronger!

by vicentekarl on October 22, 2012

Hello guys!  Do you think that mind control is a bad thing?  I sure don’t!  I believe that anything can be used for both good and not so good purposes depending on the person using it – the same is true of mind control.

I must admit that I was a skeptic at first.  When I started dating many years back I thought mind control was borderline unethical.  That was until I got into a relationship with an absolute diva of a girlfriend and was forced to turn to a friend for help.  My friend enlightened me on the many benefits of using mind control to maintain a stable and mutually satisfying relationship.  It’s not power trip that drives it at all but a desire to be more in tune with the other.  Through this post I want to help you guys learn to use mind control to improve your relationships with the fairer sex.

Many men cannot maintain long-term relationships with women because they are unable to exercise enough control over it. To gain effective control, it’s important that you make sure you’re doing the right things. Sometimes men think that a woman’s mind is the same as theirs. Unfortunately this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You need to employ different techniques if you want to control a girl’s mind. So, how can you control a girl’s mind?

The first step to controlling a girl’s mind is to know everything you can about her. You’ll never be able to completely control her mind if you don’t know her friends and what her daily habits are. It can take a lot of time to gather these pieces of information, but it’s important if you want to be able to control her later on in order to seduce her.

After you have gotten to know her well, it is time to start controlling her mind. While many guys think that controlling a girl’s mind is difficult, it really isn’t. The reason that some guys have a hard time controlling a girl’s mind is because they go about it in the wrong way. Most people know that to control a man’s mind, you have to be very direct. With women it just the opposite – you have to be very indirect. A woman will not do what you say if she thinks that you are trying to control her.

In order to successfully control a girl’s mind, you need to offer subtle (subliminal) suggestions. If you want her to wear a certain outfit, don’t tell her directly to wear it. Instead, say that you really enjoyed that outfit and you thought that she looked great in it. This will boost her confidence and make her want to wear it.

It is very important to remember that you never want to control a girl too much or she will leave you. You always need to give the girl room to breathe. Girls are especially sensitive about their weight and their appearance. If you do not like the way your girlfriend looks, never tell her that she looks bad. You need to make sure that you always compliment the way that she looks currently and then offer suggestions on how she could improve.

The reason that you want to give her enough room to breathe is so that you will be able to influence her more when important issues arise. If you give her room to breathe on the small issues, she’ll be more likely to side with you when there are important decisions to make. This is definitely one of the lesser known techniques on how to pick up a girl using mind control techniques.

Now that you know how to control a girl’s mind, you should be able to have more meaningful relationships. Remember that it takes time to be able control a girl’s mind.

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