Is Your Relationship Suffocating? It shouldn’t be!

by vicentekarl on June 1, 2013

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A reader asked me if I have ever felt suffocated in a relationship.  I can’t lie – I have had the feeling at least a couple of times.  But both times the girl and I confronted the problem head on so there were really no lasting damage on either of us.  In one case I was able to show the girl there was no reason to be so clingy as I had eyes only for her.  In the other one, we mutually decided to end the relationship while we still had respect for each other.  Not all are as lucky!  If you have a rather clingy girlfriend, I hope the tips I have outlined in this post help.

Clingy girlfriends are everywhere. They come in all forms, sizes, types, and even in varying degrees of clinginess. And unfortunately, you happen to have one of them to call yours.

While some guys run away and freak out at the very first signs of clinginess, you want to stay and give her another chance. But how do you deal on a daily basis, with the constant calls, perpetual monitoring, 24/7 connection, and cannot-ever-be-without-you-for-one-second attitude? How do you deal with it when you can hardly breathe?

There are different ways, I tell you. And they come in varying levels as well. Like a good, doctor-prescribed medicine, it has to come in varying doses. If low doses don’t work, keep going further to the next level of dosage. I can’t agree more with this She Knows article on how clinginess drives men away in relationships and how it has become a major turn-off for both men and women.

Here are a few suggestions:

Step 1:  Take her out with your friends. One of the reasons why she’s so clingy with you is because she thinks she can’t trust you enough to be alone with your buddies. So if you’re a comfortable relationship with your girl, take her with you on a boys’ night out so she sees what goes on. Prove that she has nothing to worry about. (Oh, and you might want to beg your buddies to behave their absolute best so she doesn’t think otherwise). Logically, when she sees you and your friends are well-behaved, then she might let you loose a little bit.

Step 2: Give her a dose of her own medicine. So she constantly calls you and nags you when you’re not responding. She gets mad when you missed answering back to a single text. Why not try to do it back to her? Oh, and in the process, exaggerate a little bit. Flood her with messages demanding replies. Call her every half second. Try to be in her shoes so she can get a good look at the way she’s treating you (try reading more tips such as these from— they never fail). Give her the clinginess she’s giving you; do it until she feels just as suffocated and then confronts you about it.

Step 3: Give her something fun to do. When she’s not at work or school, and she does not have that much friends, talk her into joining some class. Or suggest a new hobby for her. When she finds something she’d want to do for and by herself, she’ll have something else to focus on other than you and your whereabouts.

Step 4: Talk to her about it – calmly. Most clingy girls are highly emotional and they might break down at the first sign of confrontation. So calmly, nicely, warmly, maybe over some candlelit dinner, try to talk to her about her clinginess. Tell her how unhealthy it is for your relationship and how you both need to miss each other. When you start reasoning with her, make sure that you make it sound like you are both going to benefit from it and that it will make you guys stronger than ever.

If all else fails, leave. Go online and create an online dating profile. You’ve exhausted all your efforts at this point, so it’s time to start a new chapter. Attaboy!

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