Getting A Girl To Like You Is So Easy!

by vicentekarl on November 20, 2012

Hey people.  Vicente’s back!

Over time I have learned a few things about getting a girl to like me.  Some of it I learned through trial and error, but there are a few tips I picked up from some of my friends.  I see no reason to reinvent the wheel so to speak, and I welcome fresh new ideas from other people.  For this post I want to share a friend’s ideas about how to make a girl to like you.  Hope you like it!

My good ol’ chubby friend Rajiv Gupta emailed me this article that he wrote and published in his local newspaper, and I thought I’ll share it with you here. There are a couple of good points that he raised about dating and seducing women (read about what I wrote previously here). If you have any questions, email him directly at

Getting A Girl To Like You by Rajiv Gupta

So you like that girl? Yes. Okay now then the big question is: will she ever like you?

Let us be clear that ‘liking’ is very different from ‘wanting’. Girls will not like the latter, as it implies that you are ‘needy.’ This is a big turnoff to them.

Now you’re on a mission to make the girl like you. It is important to give it your best shot by being confident. Girls will sense that and hopefully she will like you more for if you also come across as honest and sincere. Don’t be a jerk by saying things that are unnecessary, that ruin her day, or waste her time.

Below are some of the techniques you can use to attract a girl:-

Do most of the talking – This is where most guys fail. They ask interview type questions which make them come across as stalkers, and that is a major turnoff. Instead, try to talk about yourself – what you do, and what you like. Make it fun for them while they are learning about you at the same time. Establishing rapport is the key to winning her heart. To read about how to do this in a more comprehensive manner (and win her heart), click here.

Avoid anything NEGATIVE – This is the difficult part. Part of your conversation may stray to an area where bad things are discussed. Try to steer the conversation away from anything negative as much as possible. Instead, try to find a good joke to swiftly transform her mood from bad to good.

Stop being needy – Women are instantly turned off by guys who are needy. Remember, you are the ‘alpha male’ and the alpha male is never needy. Call her from time to time, but not to the point where you’d call her once every five minutes.

Check for clues that the girl also likes you – remember, master seducers almost instantly know if the girl likes them. Observation is the main key. Check their body language, their eyes, their touch, and the way they speak. If you have a hunch that a girl likes you, chances are you are right!

What happens next depends on how you present yourself to her.

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