Mastering The Art Of Seduction

by vicentekarl on October 13, 2012

Hello loyal followers.  This is Vicente back with more helpful information about dating and seduction techniques.  I hope this post helps you be more effective at seduction!

When you start dating, one of the most common questions is which if any of these dates will lead to seduction.  I must admit that for me, seduction started out on trial and error basis.  At the outset almost all the trials led to errors.  One of my ex girlfriends back then was even surprised to see me now as a professional hypnotist – it was such a reversal from the person I was before who would have had a hard time convincing fish to swim.  Anyway, as I have since learned to be much more persuasive, I thought I would share some mind control and persuasion techniques with you.

Seduction is intrinsically linked to mind control and persuasion. Think about it. Whatever techniques that you learn about controlling minds and persuading people can be used in seducing women as well. As I have outlined in my earlier post it’s important to consider the implications of using brain hack techniques in everyday life.

Before anything, I would like to thank Derren Brown for his work in NLP and “magick” as well as the website for supplying most of the techniques and tactics which I am going to share here. Those are awesome resources which you will need to check out – and not only if you are looking for dating and seduction techniques, tips and tricks.

How To Seduce A Woman – A Mind Hacker’s Perspective

First of all, understand that seduction, just like brainwave entrainment techniques, also works well BELOW the surface of the conscious mind. What a woman perceives externally can be processed differently subconsciously. This can be hard to grasp at first, but always remember that all seduction is based on female psychology.

What this means is that your study of Freud, Jung and Bandler can be re-leveraged in the context of dating and seducing women. It’s true!

Second, learning how to seduce women is not complete without going out to PRACTICE the knowledge you have just acquired. There are lots of those so-called “keyboard jockeys” who are content with discussing seduction techniques anonymously on a seduction forum somewhere without putting the techniques to test in the real world. Don’t be one of them.

Finally, remember that dating techniques can be short-lived, especially when “superficial” techniques such as “peacocking” and pickup lines are used. It’s far better to learn the deep techniques of women psychology (and in some respect, loopholes in female psychology) so that you can come up with fresh new dating tactics and tricks yourself. It’s not that hard.

As a hypnotist I have a lot more ideas which may help you gain positive control of your relationship.  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to:

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