Hi guys, Vicente Karl here.  I’ve been reminiscing about my college days lately – with an emphasis on my college dates.

I had a few girlfriends while in college.  And while each one of them was different from the other, all of them needed to feel special, very special – after all isn’t that what love’s supposed to do to all of us?  What I learned then is that it is easy for men like us to make women feel neglected, even unintentionally.  That lesson I learned inspired this post.  Enjoy reading!

Did you know that women feel more easily neglected than men? And the worst part is, women can feel it without you knowing it; or that you’ve been doing something that makes them feel neglected! You know how most women can easily jump into conclusions and make assumptions about you not loving them and about how insignificant they feel in the relationship. The last thing you want is for them to be secretly feeling neglected, bubbling up, and bursting into a big breakup mess – that’s a much, much bigger mess to clean up.

You better stop or else you’ll hear these things from her.

What Makes Her Feel Neglected

So while I can go on forever about how to make your girlfriend feel loved, I can better tell you more easily and much more quickly how to avoid the mistakes that your fellow gentlemen have unintentionally committed. Here are 5 things that you do that makes your girlfriend feel neglected (aka the things that you had better stop doing if you still want to make part of the other half of your relationship):

When you don’t listen to her – or at least appear not to. Women love men who listen; it makes them feel like they are important, that what they have to say actually matters. And the moment you show any sign of disinterest – texting someone else while she’s talking, talking about something else without making an intelligible reaction over what she has just said, or simply not saying anything – these can all make her feel unloved. And more than just feeling unloved; the female brain more often than not tries to make up stories and reasons for the reaction (or the non-reaction).

Making decisions without consulting her can make her feel unimportant. So you decided to go out with your buddies on a totally random, last minute plan and of course, you tell her at the last minute too. Not to mention, the way you told her was in a declarative tone and not posed as a question – as if you are merely FYI-ing her about your decision and not actually consulting her about it. If you are guilty of doing this on tlots of things, I bet ya she’s already made a list of it in her brain and is ready to tell you about it on your next big fight. Of course she wants to be part of your life; of course she wants to know that her opinion matters to you. Duh!

But wait! is she likes you, then these are the signs!

Not introducing her to friends or at least not doing it properly. This can be very petty but this is a real problem. When you take her to meet your buddies or officemates, in a scenario where she’s already feeling like an outcast and out of place, you have to make her feel like she is a part of you. She needs your comfort; she needs to know that your attention is on her and that you’re proud to have her around. Petty?  Yes. Necessary? Double yes.

When you forget about important dates and events; oh, she will let you know when it happens and then be ready for the consequences. Forgetting her birthday is one thing; forgetting about her mother’s birthday that she has been planning for weeks – now that’s a double whammy and you’re surely sleeping elsewhere. A woman can remember everything and so, even when it could be almost impossible physically to have you remember everything the way she does, she would still expect it from you. If you can’t remember it, write it. Pin it. Alarm it on your phone. Just! Do!

Not getting jealous – at least occasionally. Believe it or not, being jealous at her ex or at the guy who’s hitting on her will make her comfortable to some point. She needs to know that she is important enough for you not to want to share her with anyone else. She needs to know that you want her to belong to you. Keep the jealousy in healthy in reasonable proprtion though.

So which of these things have you been most guilty of?

By the way, thanks for the good feedback on my last blog post. Expect more advice and tips!

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Unconventional Date Ideas Sure To Impress Her!

by vicentekarl on November 7, 2013

Hi fellas.  When I was just starting to date, I used to wrack my brains trying to find the magic formula for winning over the women I was interested in.  Then I sort of stumbled upon the idea that to attract the fairer sex, I must stand out from the rest.  So I started to experiment with unconventional ideas for sharing a romantic days and evenings together.  Thankfully, I found that girls love going on the more unusual types of dates; to them movies and dinners start to get boring after some time.  This post contains 5 of the most unusual date ideas I have found effective for attracting the opposite sex.

To women, there are two basic and essential elements that constitute a good and memorable date:

(1) the person they are on a date with, and

(2) what happened during the date.

You may be the best, most charming, most lovable date in the world, but if you took her somewhere too plain and simple, you may not have nailed that date to a perfect 100%.

When planning an awesome unforgettable date, here’s one bit to remember: make sure that the objective of every date you take a special woman to is to charm her with who you are and make her feel special enough on your date that she wouldn’t forget you for it.

Ideas for your special date

Running out of ideas on unusually special dates? Here are some things to add to your idea list:

Get yourselves pampered at a spa. What better way to make a woman feel special than take her on a spa date?! Gentlemen, spa dates are no longer reserved to old couples, bachelorette parties, and honeymooning couples. Your local spa can be your new dating best friend. Get a soothing, relaxing, invigorating massage and body scrub together; pamper yourselves in their scented pool baths or Jacuzzi while sharing a bottle or two of wine. She’d not only thank you for making her feel like a Queen; she will associate you with the happy, relaxed feeling she gets afterwards.

Head out to the golf course and play a few holes. It’s serene. The views are awesome and picture perfect. And if you’re lucky, the food at the clubhouse is almost always decent enough for a not-so-formal date. What more can you ask for? This is one sport that will make you athletic without you having to worry too much about sweating like a mad dog afterwards. Plus, if she’s a newbie, you can always try to impress her. (PS: it’s also one sport where, unless you both are serious golfers, neither you nor she would feel threatened by some competition).

Go book shopping. A person’s choice of books will tell you a lot about his or her personality; and what better way to find out than to go book shopping together?! Scout around for the most unusual and hidden book stores in your town or get on a road trip in search of the rarest book finds. You can opt to go exchange your book finds later!

Join a fun run. Not a runner? You don’t have to be one! The great part about this date is that you can spend several pre-dates beforehand, aka training and practice, before the big fun run day (or night). You are not only getting to spend some quality time with each other; you are also helping each other transition to fairly healthier lives. What could be better?

Volunteer for a local charity even just for a day. Why don’t you make good use of your date and pay it forward? Take time out, together, in helping out at a local charity. It doesn’t matter what it is; you could be at the Soup Kitchen, be a big brother and big sister at some orphanage, or even help at the local animal shelter. This nails quite a lot of stuff too: you get to spend time together, you get to help in your own little way, and you get to feel out each other’s characters.  Helping in charitable works makes a very good date idea especially during the yuletide season! [3]

So, what else have you got on your plate? You can also see the SIBG method on making a girl want you badly.

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Good day everybody!

Do you know that I love good food?  It’s true.  That was what drew Margot and I together several years back – our common love of food.  Because of this I had no problems at all in planning our dates, because we shared a common interest.  It didn’t even matter if we chose messy food or exotic (and sometimes smelly) ones, because we enjoyed good meals and each other’s company.  But when going on dates with anyone other than a food lover, there are certain types of food that we may be wise to avoid.

Food is an integral part of every date. Whether it’s some dinner date, some beach trip, or even a trip to the local fair and carnival, food will always be part of the picture. And how you act around food – one the most basic, most instinctive acts of man – will say a lot about how you are as a person. Don’t believe me? Come on, I’m sure you have judged someone adversely after seeing them dip their noses on their soup or drool over their Buffalo wings.

That said; let me introduce you gentlemen to the importance of choosing the right food from the menu when going on a date. Women don’t need this, apparently – women will almost always choose the one that:

(a) doesn’t ruin their dress;

(b) doesn’t make them too full and bloated; and

(c) is easy to eat and does not require some extra dexterity or does not make them look barbaric in general.

And you should learn from the women, gentlemen.

If everything does not go well, you should read my previous blog post. It’s not enough that you nail the looks and conversation department on a date; you wouldn’t want to turn her off with how you manhandled your steak would you?

Steer Clear Of These Types Of Food While On Dates

After mastering my advice on how to get a girl’s phone number. So here are some types of food to avoid on a date if you want to make a good impression:

Noodles and long pasta – because they make a lot of mess. Spaghetti, fettuccini, vermicelli, name it – anything that is long and resembles the hair is messy. Skip it on the menu especially if it comes with hearty, thick sauces like Bolognese. You sure don’t want to be caught dead slurping your spaghetti noisily while splattering sauce all over your face and your shirt. If you’re into pasta, go for the less messy ones like macaroni or ravioli.

Spicy stuff – unless she really likes it. I’m sure everyone wants to look hot on a date, but this isn’t the kind of ‘hot’ you’d want to be when trying to impress a woman. Unless you have a super numb mouth, you definitely don’t want to make a mess of yourself with intensely hot food. You would only end up in two equally messy situations: an uncontrollably runny nose, or in the bathroom with hyperactive bowels.

Keep things mild and sweet so as to keep your dignity intact!

Large sandwiches, burgers, lobsters and crabs, and chicken wings are very messy. There is only one reason why they are such a no-no on dates: there is no way to eat it with dignity. You’d have to open your mouth real wide and just ‘dig into it’ for those sandwiches. And really, can you eat chicken wings, lobsters, and crabs with your silverware? No. And worse, all the sauces and juicy bits – those delicious juicy bits – will have nowhere to go but around your mouth, your neck, and your shirt.

Strong-smelling food (garlic, onion, durian, certain cheeses, etc) – the reason should be obvious. It is normal for most every guy to go out on a date and hope/pray/wish for the date to end up with him locking lips with the lady. But eating strong smelling food would definitely ruin your chances of achieving that. So lay off on the smelliest and keep a pack of mints in your pocket to make sure that you don’t cut the night short with smell of your breath.

See this article from eHarmony.

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Hi guys!  Have you ever been rejected by the lady of your dreams?  I have.  More times than I care to remember.

I experienced so much rejection during my early dating days [1] that I almost felt like I would never ever succeed in dating a woman I really liked.  Some of the rejections I took really well and a few really hurt; at least for some time.  That I am here now, actively dating a woman I really care for proves that there is indeed life in abundance after rejection – you just have to believe it is there.

Everyone gets a taste of rejection every once in a while. Even if you followed my last blog posts about Gentleman’s Guide: How to Act At Dinner Dates or did some fractionation hypnosis techniques. No charm would work on everyone. It could be a rejection at work, from peers, or it could be the most heartbreaking form of rejection – the romantic kind.

We all get rejected by someone we like at some point.

But despite us knowing this cold hard truth in ife, rejection is still a hard pill to take (esp. if you do one of these). And no matter how many times it’s happened, it feels just as bad – sometimes one being worse than the last. And this is especially true for many guys out there.

It will de-motivate a weak man.  It can drive a confident man’s self-esteem to record lows and cause his ego to shrivel and shrink to an unbelievably minuscule size – enough to make him feel much less than the man he is.

For some, it fuels a boost in confidence. In some cases, it is fake confidence to cover-up the blow on the ego, but there are some who really use the effects of rejection to inspire them toward genuine self improvement.

You just have to… “Learn from it.” As stated in one article from drproper.com.

How to get past a rejection

But really, what should a man do in the face of rejection? How do we accept this hard, surprisingly common ego-blowing phenomenon? Here are some tips for the gentlemen out there:

Accept it as it is: a fact of life that none of us can truly avoid. Somewhere along the way we will experience some form of rejection. Don’t make such a big deal out of it. Treat it like you would about missing the bus – you get pissed one moment, something else to distracts you, and you totally forget about the whole bus ordeal. Don’t make it matter too much because how you were rejected does not really speak of the man that you are – it’s in how you reacted to the rejection that measures your character as a man, and as a gentleman. Shrug it off, dust yourself and wait for the next opportunity to come along.

Speaking of opportunities, you have to believe that the universe has something better in store for you. One of the best ways to accept something as hard to accept as a rejection from a girl you really like is to believe that something or someone better is coming your way. You don’t need to believe in anything to know that something good is coming. That’s just how life works – you win some, you lose some. So you lost today, you’ll win some other time!

Motivate yourself to become better. So maybe three or four rejections in a row cannot be shrugged off, but you can always pick yourself up and try again – this time better, harder, and surer of what you have to do. Take this as a challenge and tweak yourself a bit to come out better. Maybe you need more confidence, or you need to take a shower more often, or maybe you need to just watch your words so you don’t scare women off – really it could be anything. Don’t be someone else; just be a better version of yourself and watch in amazement how this changes your life. In this way you can turn something bad and disappointing (rejection) into something positive.

A rejection from a lady is not the end of the world. Remember, there are lots of fish in the sea – one of them is surely bound to find your bait worth a nibble!

I would like to hear from you, share your experiences and stories. Email me at love@subliminalpersuasionbook.com!

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So You Want To Ace Your Dinner Date? Read On

by vicentekarl on July 8, 2013

Hello guys!

An email from a close friend Jim Jackson (jimjack@gmail.com) brought back memories of my younger days when dating was a bit more formal and men were expected to be more of a gentleman.  While dating has evolved a bit since then, and more unconventional date ideas abound, formal dinner dates have never really gone out of fashion; feel free to ask your girlfriend if you don’t believe me!  Quiet dinners and proper etiquette have never been known to fail to impress women.

However, dinners at quiet, fancy restaurants, according to many dating gurus, are never a great place to go for first dates, although it is a must in getting a girlfriend. For more tips, see SIBG.com tips on getting a girlfriend quickly. They’re only good for when you’ve established a connection with your date – something that you’ve probably developed by the third or fourth or fifth date. But on a first date? Nah.

See, dinner dates put too much pressure to you and your lady love; when you’re trying to get to know each other and build a special connected on, something as rigid, as tense as a one-on-one interrogation setup as in a dinner date won’t deliver that.

But, if you’re stuck in such situation, what does a gentleman – a real classy dude – do? Here are some tips on how to nail a dinner date like a true, blue gentleman:

Dress to impress. If it’s a tuxedo event, then by all means wear a tuxedo. Match your outfit to the venue. Be slick and polished from head to foot, and don’t forget to smell your best. The good news is you don’t need to spend a fortune to dress nicely! This will not only make you the ultimate eye candy to impress your date; if you look good, you’re likely to feel more confident about yourself and that will show in the way you carry yourself and relate with your date.

Always start your night with a good compliment. This is a must for every date – dinner dates or otherwise. So always go for a nice, warm, sincere and wholesome compliment the moment you see your date. Safe areas are the face and her clothes; avoid – by all means – complimenting her bosom and her behind.

Impress her with your impeccable table manners. It does not matter if you are going for a dinner at some local Tiki Hut, or at a black-tie only restaurant. Table manners are always required. Keep your mouth closed while chewing. Chew quietly. Elbows off the table. Don’t talk when your mouth is full. Know your utensils. Think you forgot? Call Grammy and borrow her old school book on etiquette.

Talk in low tones. Not only is this an excuse to keep close; it is actually good manners. Talk in a voice only loud enough for your date to hear what you are saying.  Avoid boisterous laughter – that one’s better reserved for your night out with the boys. And always, always, look into her eyes when you’re talking.

Be nice to the waiters.  Call their attention by raising your hands and saying ‘waiter!’ just loud and clear enough for them to hear you. Ask them nicely if you want anything and don’t forget your lessons on courtesy. Never forget your ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. How you treat the waiters is always a good measure of how you truly are as a person.

Always offer the crook of your elbow when walking with your girl. Don’t forget to open the doors for her and pull out a chair for him too. These may be old school and may seem ‘uncool’ to you, but trust me, most girls out there will love you for it.

You may also want to read about the mistakes that men make after a date, to save you from committing any of them.

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Most people – men and women alike – think that the moment they get through a date, the worst is over. You no longer have to worry about how the date goes through, how well you are going to behave or how to get through awkward moments of silence between the two of you. Well, not at least for a couple of days until your next date that is.

Hah! Never have they been so wrong. The post-date period is pretty much just as torturous! There’s a certain degree of anxiety on what is to come (or if there is anything to come after the first date) coupled with some leftover regrets from certain moments during the date that you think you’ve failed at something.

Some people take it lightly, but others just cannot be classy enough so they make mistakes that kill whatever little chances are left for getting a follow up date.

Here are some of the most common mistakes men make after a date:

Promising to call without actually meaning to do it: So the date was horrible. We know you have fears about dating. So it was so horrible you’re really not looking forward to seeing her again and you have no plans whatsoever of calling her. But out of what you think was “courtesy”, you say, “Call you soon?” or “I’ll call you” even when that was the opposite of what you had in mind. Just because you know how to meet women anywhere doesn’t mean you can be a jerk. Courtesy is being honest and tactful at the same time – that includes not saying things just to make the other person feel good. Promising to call when you have no intention to is not courtesy; it’s called lying.

Expecting more than a peck on the cheek at goodbye: Unless you’re the quintessential epitome of irresistible and you are the god of sexy, you cannot possibly make a girl drop her reserve and kiss you after a mere two hours of sharing a plate of lobster and some cabernet. [19] You know, girls still practice self-preservation so instead of putting your lips out for her to kiss, do as the French and the British do: kiss lightly on both cheeks. It’s slightly intimate but non committal. It will make her feel respected too.

Waiting for the girl to call: You were non committal when you parted ways after your date. You didn’t make the mistake of promising to call, which is really good. But you want to go out with her again and all you do is stare at your phone as if her name would magically appear onscreen to call you. The most she would do is send you a short ‘Thank you for the dinner’ text. It’s you who are expected to know what to say to the woman you like.

Posting a blow-by-blow account of the date or posting nasty things about it on Facebook: Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody on Facebook. Posting nasty or indecent stuff about how the date went, like ‘Pretty…not!’ or ‘JGH from date. Meh’ even when you’re not friends on Facebook it’s just bad for two reasons: (1) she’d know about it and hate you for it, and (2) it shows the kind of man you are! At best, keep your nasty remarks to yourself because that’s what real men do.

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Dealing with a Nagging Girlfriend

by vicentekarl on June 17, 2013

Hi fellas!  In this post I would like to discuss the issue of nagging.  That should get the attention of most male readers!

I’ve had a couple of girlfriends who used to nag.  One of them really can’t help herself – it was almost second nature for her to nag, so we parted ways.  The other one we were able to overcome through better communication.  After some time we also went our separate ways but not because of nagging – we just fell out of love I guess.  This only goes to show that while nagging is a serious problem, it is not something insurmountable.

We’ve talked about clingy girlfriends and divas. It’s about time we talk about nagging girlfriends. How do you draw the line between having a feisty, tough, I-know-my-place-in-the-world kind of girlfriend and a plain nagger? And, what should a classy, decent, respectful man do when he feels slighted by a “nagging” girlfriend?

Nagging, for most men, is that thing that comes with constant complaining, whining and rattling about what is wrong with you, what is wrong with the relationship, and what is wrong with how you are to her. To many men, this is about a woman complaining basically about the person that he is and how he cannot be the person that she wants him to be. It is as if she is rejecting who you are because she has this ‘better’ vision of what you should be.  And that is just a perfect way to kill a man’s ego.

So, she keeps complaining. She keeps telling you what to do; it’s not even asking. It’s plain ordering you around in a raised voice, in the bossiest, most insulting manner. What could be worse than that? Doing it in public!

What do you do to stop the nagging? Here are some manly tips:

Get back the respect. Nagging is a serious, outright sign of disrespect to the man that you are. She does not treat you like an equal; you are inferior to her in her eyes. If the nagging is getting worse, ask yourself: have I put myself so low that she cannot find it in her to respect me? How do you present yourself to her? If she bosses you around, then maybe you are letting her boss you around so much that she thinks it is okay.

Talk back. More often than not, men would just keep their mouths shut hoping she would eventually get tired and stop nagging. Instead of telling her off, you just tend to scratch your head, let out a sigh, do as she says and pray that it will stop her from nagging and thus avoid a potential fight. While that can get you through for a few days that will not make the nagging problem go away. You may be sending her the wrong message. By not saying anything, she will think it is okay. Tell her outright to stop.

Talk to her about it when you are both calm. Email this to her, she might thank you. Tell her how you feel about her nagging. More often than not, nagging women are not aware that they are actually nagging. They are blinded by their ‘desire’ to make you the better person that you should be in their eyes. Talking to them about it may make them aware of how you feel and how you really want to be treated.  And for all you know, her nagging may be rooted in something you have been doing or failing to do!  Calm communication helps both of you find appropriate corrective actions.

Know when to draw the line. Before you reach the end of your rope, before it gets physical, put it to a stop. If she cannot respect you, then it’s time to let go. You cannot let yourself be walked on all over; you deserve more dignity than that. Save yourself, and her, from an even worse situation by breaking up with her if she cannot stop the nagging.

Nagging often comes from a deeper psychological problem and you girlfriend might actually need some professional help. Show her you care by helping her get over the root cause of the problem. Worse comes to worst, seek out SIBG.com’s guidance on pickup.

Believe it or not, the help you may need to get rid of bad habits and personality traits may be provided by your friendly neighborhood hypnotist!  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to: http://subliminalpersuasionbook.com/vicentes-hypnosis-practice


Good day all!

A reader asked me if I have ever felt suffocated in a relationship.  I can’t lie – I have had the feeling at least a couple of times.  But both times the girl and I confronted the problem head on so there were really no lasting damage on either of us.  In one case I was able to show the girl there was no reason to be so clingy as I had eyes only for her.  In the other one, we mutually decided to end the relationship while we still had respect for each other.  Not all are as lucky!  If you have a rather clingy girlfriend, I hope the tips I have outlined in this post help.

Clingy girlfriends are everywhere. They come in all forms, sizes, types, and even in varying degrees of clinginess. And unfortunately, you happen to have one of them to call yours.

While some guys run away and freak out at the very first signs of clinginess, you want to stay and give her another chance. But how do you deal on a daily basis, with the constant calls, perpetual monitoring, 24/7 connection, and cannot-ever-be-without-you-for-one-second attitude? How do you deal with it when you can hardly breathe?

There are different ways, I tell you. And they come in varying levels as well. Like a good, doctor-prescribed medicine, it has to come in varying doses. If low doses don’t work, keep going further to the next level of dosage. I can’t agree more with this She Knows article on how clinginess drives men away in relationships and how it has become a major turn-off for both men and women.

Here are a few suggestions:

Step 1:  Take her out with your friends. One of the reasons why she’s so clingy with you is because she thinks she can’t trust you enough to be alone with your buddies. So if you’re a comfortable relationship with your girl, take her with you on a boys’ night out so she sees what goes on. Prove that she has nothing to worry about. (Oh, and you might want to beg your buddies to behave their absolute best so she doesn’t think otherwise). Logically, when she sees you and your friends are well-behaved, then she might let you loose a little bit.

Step 2: Give her a dose of her own medicine. So she constantly calls you and nags you when you’re not responding. She gets mad when you missed answering back to a single text. Why not try to do it back to her? Oh, and in the process, exaggerate a little bit. Flood her with messages demanding replies. Call her every half second. Try to be in her shoes so she can get a good look at the way she’s treating you (try reading more tips such as these from www.sibg.com— they never fail). Give her the clinginess she’s giving you; do it until she feels just as suffocated and then confronts you about it.

Step 3: Give her something fun to do. When she’s not at work or school, and she does not have that much friends, talk her into joining some class. Or suggest a new hobby for her. When she finds something she’d want to do for and by herself, she’ll have something else to focus on other than you and your whereabouts.

Step 4: Talk to her about it – calmly. Most clingy girls are highly emotional and they might break down at the first sign of confrontation. So calmly, nicely, warmly, maybe over some candlelit dinner, try to talk to her about her clinginess. Tell her how unhealthy it is for your relationship and how you both need to miss each other. When you start reasoning with her, make sure that you make it sound like you are both going to benefit from it and that it will make you guys stronger than ever.

If all else fails, leave. Go online and create an online dating profile. You’ve exhausted all your efforts at this point, so it’s time to start a new chapter. Attaboy!

Perhaps all your girlfriend needs to be able to trust you is a confidence boost that hypnotherapy can help with.  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to: http://subliminalpersuasionbook.com/vicentes-hypnosis-practice


Are Her Actions Saying She Wants You Back?

by vicentekarl on May 28, 2013

Hi y’all! After I wrote my article about the signs that your girlfriend might be breaking up with you, I thought, “What happens immediately after a breakup?” I’ve been in a few relationships, which means I’ve been through breakups. And looking back, I’ve always wondered if my girlfriend wanted me back. However, I never did entertain the thought. Talk about learning the hard way. So I’m doing this post as a favor to the broken-hearted. Feel free to express your thoughts.

So you’ve been sitting around for a while now trying to decide whether or not your ex-girlfriend wants you back. You know, she’s been a little bit more present lately, you always see her accidentally, she sends group texts, asks about the dog more often than usual, or has been asking about the old dress she left at your place but never really took it back. But somehow, the careful you do not want to assume anything. But before you indulge yourself in the best movies to watch after a breakup, STOP. How do you know if she’s interested in getting back together, or she is just doing what she does as part of her moving on routine?  Are there telltale signs that indicate she does want to give your relationship another chance?

The answer is, yes. While some of them may be a little ambivalent to some extent, three or more of these signs surely say that she may be thinking about reconciliation.

The Signs

Here are the signs you should be on the lookout for before you think about meeting another woman:

She makes her presence known, subtly. She is almost at every party with you and your common friends, you always catch her at your old hangout, or she somehow dropped in on your sister with a cake for no reason. Oh, maybe you also “accidentally” saw each other outside of your office building and she could not quite give you a definite answer as to why she was there, or maybe she constantly ‘likes’ your Facebook posts and photos and makes a comment or two about something.

She keeps in touch with you. She greets you on our birthday, she asks when you were sick, she calls to remind you about some scheduled re-vaccination, or she simplykeeps you as a friend on Facebook. She may even invite you over for coffee or tea randomly.

She is interested about your life. Apart from keeping you on her Facebook news feed, she asks your friends about you. She wants to know how you are and wants to stay updated.

She is still single and shuns out the idea of dating again. When she does not get herself involved with anyone and does not even go out on anything that resembles a date, she might actually be keeping her doors open for you. That doesn’t mean, though, that you should do the same. And don’t think about it too much. Here’s an awesome article on attracting and seducing women which should get your mind off it.

She is still possessive of you. These are mostly indirect hints and are hard to tell. Signs of these include getting jealous at the news of you meeting a new girl, talking about you like you were still together like “Oh yeah he loves that a lot. He gets it with his beer”, even when she says it really casually and nonchalantly. Or maybe she gets a little weird when another woman asks about you. Or maybe still refers to you guys as “we” semi-accidentally *wink*

Still talks about the relationship. Whenever you guys get the chance to talk, she still talks about the breakup, the problems, or how great it was when you were together. It could even be as subtle as a remark about that silly little thing you guys both love that she blurted out of the blue.

Remember, however, that seeing just one of these signs is not a good indicator she wants you back. So observe but don’t make assumptions.  But then again if she’s incorrigibly clingy  perhaps you don’t want her back regardless of how she feels.

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Good day dear readers!

If you’re anything like me, you would have lots of experience being tongue-tied in front of the woman of your dreams.  I admit that I don’t have the ‘gift of gab’ and envy people who can engage anyone in animated conversation almost effortlessly.  Not knowing what to say has landed me in tough spots, especially when I was trying to win a girl I really liked.  So I pored over books, spent time surfing the net, and compiled a set of guidelines to help me and other guys like me to be better communicators – especially around that special someone.  This post is for all of you!

Do you always have trouble coming up with things to say to a woman you really like? Whether you tend to run out of words the first time you meet or while on a date with one, don’t worry. You’re not alone. A lot of men have the same problem.

Some men get tongue-tied in the presence of the women they like, while others are just new at it. Then there are those men who can approach any woman they want and talk to her for hours on end just to get rejected because they were talking about the wrong things.

No matter what the reason behind your failure may be, if you want to have a girlfriend, but have no idea what to say, then you might end up in the friend zone or in the no-spark zone. Either way, those are zones that you would not want to find yourself in. Controlling a girl’s mind might be too early at this stage.

So, if you want to make sure you get the chance to talk to the woman of your dreams again or if you simply want to avoid spreading an aura of awkwardness that seems to be present whenever you’re around her from now on, here’s what you can do:

First of all, you need to realize that you cannot talk to women the same way you talk to your friends. Women can tell when men are attracted to them, even if they don’t say anything, so why not just state the obvious and tell her how you feel?

The thing is: women won’t react to you unless you say all of the right things. This means that you have to learn how to grab a woman’s attention with your words. Talk about interesting things and try to keep a smile on her face at all times, for example. Remember: women are very emotional, so make sure you say things that are very emotion-responsive, in general.

Naturally, you don’t want to come across as awkward when approaching a woman, either, so make sure you only say appropriate things. If you are meeting a woman for the first time, for example, try to start your conversation with something simple, like, “Do you work near here?” This way, you won’t freak her out with questions that may be too personal.

Conversely, if you already know the woman that you want to win over, try complimenting her on her hair or her clothes. She will appreciate this because women always spend a lot of time trying to improve their looks.

If you are already dating a girl, then make sure things go smoothly on your dates by being consistent. You can also try moving onto the next level you want. If you decide this, bank on your skills. There’s a famous seduction lair called SIBG and they may be able help you. It’s based in Baltimore, but the site says your location doesn’t matter.

This means that you can start making her feel special. When talking to her about something, ask her what she thinks or feels about the subject. This will work wonders and will prove that you really care about her because you’re also saying that her opinions matter.

You have to agree that everything I have outlined here is very easy to do if you put yout mind to it.  But if you still don’t know what to say, you should at least know  what NOT to say.

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