Why Dating Online Makes Perfect Sense

by vicentekarl on April 12, 2013

Greetings dear readers!

Do you know that I met my current girlfriend through online dating?  While it was not a case of ‘love at first chat’, over time, the relationship bloomed to the stable one it is now.  It’s been one year since we bacame a couple and I couldn’t be happier really.  Good thing I fought my initial apprrehension and took a chance at online dating!

A lot of men in their 20s and 30s are hesitant to try out online dating. For some reason, they feel that online dating is for retirees and creeps looking for girls who are either looking for a paid hookup or weird women who go out in their hair rollers.

However, there are lots of good reasons why men – yes, even the young, robust, and confident ones – should actually think about trying online dating. Others have taken the step and surprisingly, they are happy (perhaps happier than most others). Some of them have even ended up in wonderful, happy marriages.

Plus, online dating has its own benefits that you can hardly get from traditional dating. Check out my list of why you  should start looking for a good dating site today:

1. It is practical and definitely more affordable. If you’re on minimum to a little above median wage, online dating might actually suit you better than hanging out in bars all night. The number of women you get to meet and mingle with for an hour sitting alone or with friends in a pub probably isn’t even close to half the number of girls waiting to meet you online. You can find women living a few blocks from you without having to leave your couch or having to buy her a drink; you may even find girls you didn’t even know existed, you could actually be working at the same office with.

2. It’s safer. Until you end up meeting face-to-face, you are free from gold digging girls who are after the contents of your pocket. They cannot do you any harm as long as you practice safety precautions (no giving out of home addresses, bank statements, family tree, ex-girlfriends, and no nudity).

3. You don’t need to look great or smell great. Unless you find someone worthy of several hundreds of bucks on dinner plus an expensive suit and a David Beckham-worthy perfume, you don’t need to make effort on your general appearance for online dating. Okay, you may need to at least look clean and presentable if you are going to meet the girl on cam, but she won’t know you’ve been wearing the same shirt and jeans for a week. (Plus, the web camera has special magic that makes people look more attractive…some weird sort of Skype sorcery)

4. For the shy ones, it is the easier way. You don’t have to show your bad case of nerves until you finally meet face to face. It’s easier to make a girl like you because nerves won’t be in your way. You can be just a bit more confident, instead of looking like a dork. Your conversations are bound to be less awkward, giving you the chance to know each other better.  Internet chats allow people to reveal the bright side of their  personality without being taken over by shyness.

5. Girls your age are actually doing the exact same thing. Yes, believe it or believe it, a lot of girls in their 20s and 30s are starting to venture into online dating. You’d be able to get the chance to try out some seduction techniques such as the October Man Sequence on different girls of different ages and different personalities. Also, girls have found it economical, more convenient, and safer (in a sense, given still, that they practice proper online etiquette, demeanor, and safety precautions) way of meeting men for possible relationships.

So would you try it out? Is that a yes? Yes. You know you should.

As a hypnotist I can help you gather the courage to try online dating.  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to: http://subliminalpersuasionbook.com/vicentes-hypnosis-practice


What I’ve Been Reading

by vicentekarl on April 5, 2013

I recently reread Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction” for the third time last week. What happened was I stumbled upon his name while doing a quick search at Google. Of course, the words “seduction” and “Robert Greene” are almost synonymous, so it doesn’t surprise me if I see his name on the top of Google’s list.

Reading Greene’s book made me remember a lot of things again, and there was indeed a time when I relied heavily on the book to increase the chances of me being able to use seduction as a tool to make the girl I like attracted to me. Greene presented a lot of seducer types in his book that I can identify myself with, for the most parts. If you haven’t read Robert Greene’s book yet, then I suggest it’s about time for you to do so.

Also, since I’ve lots of time to kill over the weekend– more Googling and “researching”. I read an article that teaches men how to flirt with a girl over at http://fractionationseduction.net/how-to-flirt-with-a-girl. True enough, there’s lots of wisdom in there somewhere– it’s pretty interesting how a lot of it makes sense, coming from a different perspective.

Oh well. I’m rambling. But I’ll be sure to update you more writing real soon. Don’t forget– you can always email me at vicente@subliminalpersuasionbook.com if you have your own seduction story to tell. I’ll be waiting.

Keep seducin’,



Stanford Persuasive Tech Visit This Weekend!

by vicentekarl on December 12, 2012

Quick update. I will be making a trip to the Stanford University’s Persuasive Tech Lab to meet up with a couple of PhD students about persuasion and influence. I’m really psyched! Their research in the field of influence and persuasion is tremendously profound, and I am proud to be able to meet up and network with the very best in the field.

Here’s a video by BJ Fogg – the director of the Persuasive Tech Lab.


The Subliminal Persuasion Skills Of A Real Estate Agent

by vicentekarl on December 6, 2012

One of my students, Josh Rogan, is a real estate agent who came to my Subliminal Persuasion Master Seminar to learn influence skills to help him close deals. He is posting an article here today – and if you have feedback for him then email him at josh_re@hotmail.com. He’ll hook you up with awesome deals!

The Subliminal Persuasion Skills Of A Real Estate Agent

For most people, buying a property is one of the most important financial transactions they will make. Buying a property is a huge undertaking because of all inventory that’s available. In order to make the right decision, you need to make sure that you have a good real estate agent on your side. Many people find their real estate agent through a referral. While choosing a real estate agent based on a referral can save you time, it isn’t always the best way to go about the selection process. Keep in mind that the person referring you to their real estate agent probably had needs that are different from yours. The perfect real estate agent for one person probably isn’t the perfect real estate agent for someone else. The following paragraphs will discuss how you can find the perfect real estate agent for your property needs.

Most importantly, you need to choose a real estate agent that has experience in your local market. Choosing an agent that has experience ensure that you’ll have access to the most houses and the best prices. An agent with experience will know all of the other agents in the area and will have a better chance at giving you a first look at the best properties. As Ronald has shared in his update here, you’ll need to think about this issue rather carefully.

Money Matters

Also, you need to choose a real estate agent that primarily deals in your price range. If you select an agent that deals with clients in the million dollar price range and you only have a five hundred thousand dollar budget, you will not be viewed as a valuable client. The real estate agent will focus his or her attention on the most valuable customer, which in this case isn’t you. If you are in the real estate agent’s target price range, you will be more likely to get better service. Ronald has been eyeing a unit at Marc Residence in Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) for long, and I helped him secure that unit last week!

Something that a lot of first time home buyers forget is that your real estate agent needs to understand what you’re looking for. If your real estate agent doesn’t listen to your needs, you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for. Many agents try to push their clients to buy something that they aren’t interested in. If you get the feeling that a prospective agent doesn’t care about what you’re looking for in a property, don’t use them. See this article in Forbes about bad real estate agents.

Lastly, see how willing the agent is to provide other services. The more services that the real estate agent provides, the more satisfied you will be. Will the agent set up home inspection appointments? Will the agent set up appointments for renovations? Finding a real estate agent that provides these other services will make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

Now that you know how to find the perfect real estate agent, you should be able to find an outstanding property in no time. Many people think that finding the perfect house is the most important step in the home buying process. In reality, finding the perfect real estate agent is the most important process, since they are the one that will lead you to the perfect property. When you do, remember to use your subliminal persuasion skills to get him to give you a good real estate deal!

If you need any help in getting started in real estate, just email me and I’ll hook you up!

– Joshua

ADDENDUM – Josh is currently devising the course content for his next real estate seminar – so if you have anything that you want him to cover then email me. He will be able to advise on a wide range of property investment topics – from choosing the right first property for you to financing options. Meanwhile, I have stumbled upon a good property information site if you are interested in Malaysia property for sale – go to http://propertyforsale.com.my for more information.


Getting A Girl To Like You Is So Easy!

by vicentekarl on November 20, 2012

Hey people.  Vicente’s back!

Over time I have learned a few things about getting a girl to like me.  Some of it I learned through trial and error, but there are a few tips I picked up from some of my friends.  I see no reason to reinvent the wheel so to speak, and I welcome fresh new ideas from other people.  For this post I want to share a friend’s ideas about how to make a girl to like you.  Hope you like it!

My good ol’ chubby friend Rajiv Gupta emailed me this article that he wrote and published in his local newspaper, and I thought I’ll share it with you here. There are a couple of good points that he raised about dating and seducing women (read about what I wrote previously here). If you have any questions, email him directly at rajiv_gee@gmx.com

Getting A Girl To Like You by Rajiv Gupta

So you like that girl? Yes. Okay now then the big question is: will she ever like you?

Let us be clear that ‘liking’ is very different from ‘wanting’. Girls will not like the latter, as it implies that you are ‘needy.’ This is a big turnoff to them.

Now you’re on a mission to make the girl like you. It is important to give it your best shot by being confident. Girls will sense that and hopefully she will like you more for if you also come across as honest and sincere. Don’t be a jerk by saying things that are unnecessary, that ruin her day, or waste her time.

Below are some of the techniques you can use to attract a girl:-

Do most of the talking – This is where most guys fail. They ask interview type questions which make them come across as stalkers, and that is a major turnoff. Instead, try to talk about yourself – what you do, and what you like. Make it fun for them while they are learning about you at the same time. Establishing rapport is the key to winning her heart. To read about how to do this in a more comprehensive manner (and win her heart), click here.

Avoid anything NEGATIVE – This is the difficult part. Part of your conversation may stray to an area where bad things are discussed. Try to steer the conversation away from anything negative as much as possible. Instead, try to find a good joke to swiftly transform her mood from bad to good.

Stop being needy – Women are instantly turned off by guys who are needy. Remember, you are the ‘alpha male’ and the alpha male is never needy. Call her from time to time, but not to the point where you’d call her once every five minutes.

Check for clues that the girl also likes you – remember, master seducers almost instantly know if the girl likes them. Observation is the main key. Check their body language, their eyes, their touch, and the way they speak. If you have a hunch that a girl likes you, chances are you are right!

What happens next depends on how you present yourself to her.

Being a hypnotist I can help boost your confidence levels and get rid of any negativity. Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to: http://subliminalpersuasionbook.com/vicentes-hypnosis-practice


Hey guys!

I was just watching a program on TV which showed a man being manipulated into doing bad things through the use of hypnotic suggestion, and the negative portrayal really stung.  There are no real world cases where hypnotism has ever been used to commit a crime, but there are lots of documented cases where hypnotism has been used to get rid of addictions, increase confidence, cure anxiety and depression, relieve pain, etc.  Would you believe that subliminal persuasion can even be used to increase the value of your property?  Read on to find out how!

Today I am going to share a rather offbeat technique which involves subliminal persuasion to increase the value of your property. In my previous update I have talked about this, so this is a continuation of what’s happening currently.

If you are like most people, then you buy a home for two reasons. The first reason that you buy a home is so that you can easily modify your living arrangements as needed. If you were to rent a home, you would have to talk to your landlord if you wanted to make any large modifications. When you own a home, you can do whatever you want with your property.

The second reason that you purchase a home is to increase your assets. With renting, you’re paying money every month but it isn’t helping your financial state at all. By purchasing a home, your equity increases with each monthly payment.

One thing great about real estate is that their value usually appreciates over time. This is in contrast to other assets such as cars, which depreciate in value as time passes. If you look at purchasing your property as a business transaction, then you are probably looking to get the best return on your investment possible. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to increase the value of your property. The following tips will provide you with a variety of ways to increase the value of your property.

Increasing Value – A Subliminal Perception Problem

One of the best ways to increase the value of your property is to renovate the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used parts of the house and people love to show it off when they have guests over. Most people use their kitchen at least three times a day. And with the trend of open concept houses, many people can see their kitchen from many other rooms. Depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend, you could add twenty to thirty thousand dollars to the value of your house simply by renovating the kitchen. Some of the most popular kitchen renovations include new countertops, new cabinets, and new appliances. The most popular form of countertops right now is granite. Getting granite countertops will ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment. Buyers appreciate the value of granite and will pay a premium to get it. KLCC condos, for example, are famous for nice granite kitchens which greatly enhances its value. Here’s a good resource on how to decorate your kitchen – click here.

Another way to increase the value of your property is to do an addition. If you build an extra bedroom and bathroom, it will add a lot of value to your house. It is very hard to find houses with more than five bedrooms, so having more bedrooms than this can make your house extremely valuable. This principle is known as “counter addition” in subliminal influence.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, just painting the walls a neutral color can increase the value of your house. Even though paint isn’t expensive, people do not want to have to paint a lot of rooms. If you already have your house painted a neutral color, they will be more likely to pay a high price for your property. This is a well known subliminal hack when you use colors to influence someone’s thoughts, and consequently, her actions.

Now that you know how to increase the value of your property, you should be able to make a good profit when you sell your home.

In my next blog post, I will share with you more subliminal hacking tips when used in selling a house. Stay tuned!

I am a professional hypnotist.  Is there anything I can help you with? Contact me by going to: http://subliminalpersuasionbook.com/vicentes-hypnosis-practice


Taking Control Of Your Relationship Makes It Stronger!

by vicentekarl on October 22, 2012

Hello guys!  Do you think that mind control is a bad thing?  I sure don’t!  I believe that anything can be used for both good and not so good purposes depending on the person using it – the same is true of mind control.

I must admit that I was a skeptic at first.  When I started dating many years back I thought mind control was borderline unethical.  That was until I got into a relationship with an absolute diva of a girlfriend and was forced to turn to a friend for help.  My friend enlightened me on the many benefits of using mind control to maintain a stable and mutually satisfying relationship.  It’s not power trip that drives it at all but a desire to be more in tune with the other.  Through this post I want to help you guys learn to use mind control to improve your relationships with the fairer sex.

Many men cannot maintain long-term relationships with women because they are unable to exercise enough control over it. To gain effective control, it’s important that you make sure you’re doing the right things. Sometimes men think that a woman’s mind is the same as theirs. Unfortunately this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You need to employ different techniques if you want to control a girl’s mind. So, how can you control a girl’s mind?

The first step to controlling a girl’s mind is to know everything you can about her. You’ll never be able to completely control her mind if you don’t know her friends and what her daily habits are. It can take a lot of time to gather these pieces of information, but it’s important if you want to be able to control her later on in order to seduce her.

After you have gotten to know her well, it is time to start controlling her mind. While many guys think that controlling a girl’s mind is difficult, it really isn’t. The reason that some guys have a hard time controlling a girl’s mind is because they go about it in the wrong way. Most people know that to control a man’s mind, you have to be very direct. With women it just the opposite – you have to be very indirect. A woman will not do what you say if she thinks that you are trying to control her.

In order to successfully control a girl’s mind, you need to offer subtle (subliminal) suggestions. If you want her to wear a certain outfit, don’t tell her directly to wear it. Instead, say that you really enjoyed that outfit and you thought that she looked great in it. This will boost her confidence and make her want to wear it.

It is very important to remember that you never want to control a girl too much or she will leave you. You always need to give the girl room to breathe. Girls are especially sensitive about their weight and their appearance. If you do not like the way your girlfriend looks, never tell her that she looks bad. You need to make sure that you always compliment the way that she looks currently and then offer suggestions on how she could improve.

The reason that you want to give her enough room to breathe is so that you will be able to influence her more when important issues arise. If you give her room to breathe on the small issues, she’ll be more likely to side with you when there are important decisions to make. This is definitely one of the lesser known techniques on how to pick up a girl using mind control techniques.

Now that you know how to control a girl’s mind, you should be able to have more meaningful relationships. Remember that it takes time to be able control a girl’s mind.

Stay strong,


A hypnotist like me can teach you ethical mind control techniques.  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to: http://subliminalpersuasionbook.com/vicentes-hypnosis-practice


Update: What’s Going On In My Life

by vicentekarl on October 21, 2012

Got a quick update on what’s currently going on in my life. I am taking a break from blogging about mind control and persuasion, and I will be going on a six-month pilgrimage to Malaysia, Indonesia and China. Believe it.

I’ve always wanted to do this for very long, and finally the time has come. I will be visiting my friends Tommy and Marc in Malaysia first, before heading south (to Jakarta) and finally to Beijing, China. Seducing Chinese women will be fun – especially when I am already armed with “how to seduce women” techniques which I have already talked about in my previous blog post here. It’s gonna be fun, fun, fun.

Getting a place to stay for the short term is particularly difficult in Malaysia. Despite being my close buddies, Tommy and Marc never did offer to put me up at their homes. So I decided to be a little independent and researched for real estate and properties in Malaysia online. It’s really very interesting – and here I am going to share with you some tips on how to get listings of houses for sale or rent in Malaysia. If you are interested in going there for a short stay, then read this handy little guide on acquiring properties in Malaysia.

Malaysia Real Estate – Some Practical Tips

First of all, understand that the Malaysia property sector is kind of fragmented. You definitely need the local knowledge of real estate brokers in order to make a wise investment. Do not attempt to buy Malaysia properties without a good real estate agency on your side.

Secondly, do your online research. English is widely spoken in Malaysia, and you can get lots of first-hand information on the Malaysia property sector simply by reading some blogs. My favorite is Susan Lee’s Malaysia Property For Sale website. It’s pretty awesome. Listings and real estate classified sites like Iproperty are also pretty good, as well as online Malaysia property forums like those hosted at LowYat.net.

Thirdly, once you have decided which property to buy, then you must consider the LEGAL implications of your property purchase. Remember that you are a foreigner, and there are specific rules that foreign real estate investors must follow. Again, local real estate brokers will be able to help you. Do not buy real estate blindly, especially in a foreign land.

In summary, before you attempt to purchase Malaysia properties, do the following:-

  • Start your research online. I like personal real estate blogs – those which are not overtly commercial
  • Engage a local (Malaysian) property agency. They are not expensive. And they are worth it.
  • Consider the legal issues pertaining to foreign real estate purchase.

Keep on rockin’,

PS: I have received some emails to ask for recommendations for the brainwave entrainment programs which I have first talked about here in my previous blog article. I recommend NeuroActivator (http://neuroactivator.com), but some other programs are also good. I will do a quick review in my next blog post before I leave for Malaysia.


Mastering The Art Of Seduction

by vicentekarl on October 13, 2012

Hello loyal followers.  This is Vicente back with more helpful information about dating and seduction techniques.  I hope this post helps you be more effective at seduction!

When you start dating, one of the most common questions is which if any of these dates will lead to seduction.  I must admit that for me, seduction started out on trial and error basis.  At the outset almost all the trials led to errors.  One of my ex girlfriends back then was even surprised to see me now as a professional hypnotist – it was such a reversal from the person I was before who would have had a hard time convincing fish to swim.  Anyway, as I have since learned to be much more persuasive, I thought I would share some mind control and persuasion techniques with you.

Seduction is intrinsically linked to mind control and persuasion. Think about it. Whatever techniques that you learn about controlling minds and persuading people can be used in seducing women as well. As I have outlined in my earlier post it’s important to consider the implications of using brain hack techniques in everyday life.

Before anything, I would like to thank Derren Brown for his work in NLP and “magick” as well as the website http://www.fractionationseduction.net for supplying most of the techniques and tactics which I am going to share here. Those are awesome resources which you will need to check out – and not only if you are looking for dating and seduction techniques, tips and tricks.

How To Seduce A Woman – A Mind Hacker’s Perspective

First of all, understand that seduction, just like brainwave entrainment techniques, also works well BELOW the surface of the conscious mind. What a woman perceives externally can be processed differently subconsciously. This can be hard to grasp at first, but always remember that all seduction is based on female psychology.

What this means is that your study of Freud, Jung and Bandler can be re-leveraged in the context of dating and seducing women. It’s true!

Second, learning how to seduce women is not complete without going out to PRACTICE the knowledge you have just acquired. There are lots of those so-called “keyboard jockeys” who are content with discussing seduction techniques anonymously on a seduction forum somewhere without putting the techniques to test in the real world. Don’t be one of them.

Finally, remember that dating techniques can be short-lived, especially when “superficial” techniques such as “peacocking” and pickup lines are used. It’s far better to learn the deep techniques of women psychology (and in some respect, loopholes in female psychology) so that you can come up with fresh new dating tactics and tricks yourself. It’s not that hard.

As a hypnotist I have a lot more ideas which may help you gain positive control of your relationship.  Do you need professional hypnotist services? Contact me by going to: http://subliminalpersuasionbook.com/vicentes-hypnosis-practice


Train Your Brain To Get More Out Of Meditation

by vicentekarl on October 12, 2012

Good day friends!  Today I woke up inspired to share the benefits of brain entrainment with you.  I hope you find this post helpful.

I have a confession to make.  I have always found it very hard to focus on anything for very long.  My mind just wanders more than I would like it to.  This has made learning and even keeping lasting relationships very hard – at least until I learned brain entrainment.  It was as if the secret of focus was revealed to me.  Now I am much more relaxed and confident that I am able to do most anything I set my mind to.  I hope that all of you realize as much benefit from brain entrainment as I have.  So what is brain entrainment and how does it help?

A lot of people would like to get more out of their meditation sessions. If you have been having lackluster meditation sessions lately, you’re probably wondering if you’re wasting your time. Most likely, you have gotten too experienced at meditating and just need something to make your sessions more interesting. One way to amplify the results of a meditation session is by using brainwave entrainment programs. You might have heard about brainwave entrainment programs before and know that they work by synchronizing sounds with the brainwaves. Let’s explore the ways brainwave entrainment can help maximize the benefits of meditation.

One of the main benefits of brainwave entrainment programs is increased relaxation. As you know, meditation is one of the best ways to relax your mind. However, if you are looking for a way to be even more relaxed after your meditation sessions, you must try brainwave entrainment can. Many people who meditate before bed have discovered that brainwave entrainment helps them get to sleep faster. They have also found that they sleep deeper and stay asleep longer.

Another benefit of brainwave entrainment programs is increased focus. Many people lose their ability to focus during an entire meditation session. If you feel that you start out strong at the beginning of your meditation session, but lose focus as you near the end, it would be a good idea to try brainwave entrainment. The sound beats of brainwave entrainment will synchronize with your brainwaves to help you focus throughout your entire session.

Positive Thinking – The Ultimate Brain Hack?

A third benefit of brainwave entrainment programs is an increase in positive thinking. If you use meditation to clear your mind, but are having trouble using meditation to think positive, brainwave entrainment is a good solution. It is important to remember that meditation is a mental exercise. Just like physical exercises, mental exercises take time to perfect.

Many people spend years perfecting their meditation routine. And what works for one person may not work for the next. It is important that you find a meditation routine that satisfies all your needs. It is at least worth a shot to also try brainwave entrainment if you are not completely satisfied with the results from your current meditation routine. Also, get the latest updates on meditation by reading up online (one good source is the New York Times).

Since you now know the benefits of brainwave entrainment programs, you should be able to determine whether or not you would benefit from this meditation supplement. For many people, brainwave entrainment makes a significant difference in the effectiveness of their meditation sessions. If you aren’t sure whether or not brainwave entrainment is for you, you should do some more research on the subject.

If you know that some of your friends or family members meditate frequently, see if they have incorporated brainwave entrainment into their sessions. Once you have experienced how effective brainwave entrainment can be, you’ll be happy that you gave this meditation technique a try. It is always worth the time to research methods that can increase your focus, increase your relaxation, and increase your ability to think positively; it may even help you win women over without the use of fractionation techniques.

Keep Strong,


Should you need professional hypnotist services you can contact me by going to: http://subliminalpersuasionbook.com/vicentes-hypnosis-practicea