Beware Of These Things When Meeting Online Dates

by vicentekarl on March 25, 2014

In my younger days we only had the beginnings of email and of course the old snail mail to communicate over long distances.  Dating wise, this effectively limited our choices to those near us – colleagues at work, college mates, and neighbors.  I remember the time when internet communications opened up world it also expanded my dating horizon; and I did not even like dating sites.  Spoilt for choice does not begin to describe the feeling that I felt then, but along with that came a nagging feeling that I really need to be a little cautious people I meet over the net.

Men today are so much luckier than men of thirty or forty years ago. For one, today’s women are more liberated, generally more open minded and willing to do things that would have been considered immoral or socially unacceptable in the past. Two, developments in communications have helped advance the courtship and dating rules and practices of today; it has made dating beyond the physical horizon possible.

So yes, technology has given birth to online dating. Internet technology has advanced so much that it is not only possible to exchange correspondence online but it also allows us to actually talk to and even see the person we are communicating with.  All of these happen in real time and without you having to leave that favorite spot in front of your computer.

However, no matter how accepted online dating has become, people still need to connect in the real world. There is still that girl who is worth the time and effort to actually meet up close. Technology still cannot replicate nor replace real personal interaction.

While this is a wonderful development as far as your dating life is concerned, it may not exactly be the safest thing around security-wise. And yes, it is just as dangerous to men as it is to women. So gentlemen, DO NOT ignore what your mommas say about talking to strangers; here are some red flags to avoid when meeting women online:

When she wants to meet you in a private place:  Don’t let your gentlemanly instincts take over you, mister, it is unwise to meet her at an unfamiliar place like maybe, her neighborhood or her house/apartment – especially on the first meeting. The last thing you want is to be mugged by people she’s may be in cahoots with and waiting to ambush you at your ‘meeting place’. When you agree to meet each other, meet at a public place close to the center of the city.  This can be disregarded if you have met in public a few times and have grown familiar and secure in each other’s company.

When she wants you to pay for something: Scammers know how to create drama to lure their victims into believing you have to pay for something. It could be a ‘donation’, some ‘cash emergency’ or whatever story they come up with to fleece money from you. When they try to get you to send them money, veer away from them because chances are, they are only as good as their profile and when they get your money – they’ll be gone along with your money. Or she simply thinks you are rich. Women really want to marry a rich man.

Over eagerness to meet you:  Oops, this is a bright red flag! This spells out CLINGY. Ideally, most girls – the harmless ones at least – would be so wary about meeting up face-to-face with someone they only met online. It should take weeks at least and an awful lot of convincing to get them to meet with you. IF they are overeager, and the invitation comes with sexual innuendoes and promises, then maybe you should pause and think it over before you agree to go.

If you are trying online dating to get over a breakup, my advice is: don’t. This is probably what you’ll need more: SonicSeduction techniques on how to get an ex girlfriend back. Do not fall victim to the criminals and syndicates on the internet. Protect yourself!

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