Are Her Actions Saying She Wants a Breakup?

by vicentekarl on May 11, 2014

Hello fellow lovers!  You know what I find the hardest thing about relationships? Breakups, of course!  Sometimes it cannot be avoided but at other times you get the feeling you could have done something if you only knew how to interpret often subtle signs early on.

Now I’m no spring chicken, so I’ve been through a few relationships – never more than with one girl at a time, meaning I’ve also gone through quite a few breakups.  Let me tell you from experience that all breakups hurt – even the ones you unfortunately have to initiate.  But what would make it easier to get past a breakup is knowing it happened despite having given it your all. But how can you say you did everything possible to save the relationship if you don’t even know how to recognize the warning signs?  This post is intended to help you be more aware of those unspoken indications of serious discontent in a relationship.

The Dreaded Break Up

One of the biggest nightmares for guys – no wait, everyone – in a relationship is to wake up one day with their partners asking to break up. That’s seriously one of the worst things imaginable. One moment you guys are very much okay, and the next she wants to call it quits.

But hey, before you hit the bar and drown yourself in booze or some other way of coping with breakups, read on first. You might be overreacting.

The Signs

Truth is, your ladylove may not be saying anything but she couldn’t completely hide her feelings so she’s showing it in different ways. There are telltale signs in the way she talks, the way she acts, the way she generally is with you. If you’re sensitive enough to notice these red flags, you might save yourself from such predicament. Read on to know more; you may someday thank me for helping you salvage your relationship:

She seems distant and often her eyes are focused in the distance instead of on you. It does not take a psychologist to know that this is the physical manifestation of thoughts of ‘the other side is greener’. She is looking at something that she may get elsewhere that she’s apparently not getting where she currently is: with you.

She’s distracted and lost in your conversations. Keeping her full attention on you becomes a chore for her because she’s lost interest in you and in the relationship. Like in No. 1,her thoughts are ‘somewhere else’.

She starts a fight for no reason. When your girl becomes grumpy for no reason, yes, not even PMS, she might be looking for a way out. At the back of her mind, all her frustrations in being in the relationship is building up. That, and partly maybe anger towards herself over what is happening with the relationship.

She likes being alone and physically distant. Some girls are naturally physically ‘clingy’, they hug a lot, they hold a lot. If you have this kind of girlfriend and you notice a sudden reversal, this might be a red flag. They also tend to like to go out without you – more vacations and sleepovers with the girls, more alone time, and she sleeps on her side of the bed and stays there the rest of the night.

She is not happy about doing things for you anymore. Girls are usually very attentive to the needs of their partners. They make coffee on routine, fix your tousled hair or straighten your tie instinctively. When a girl wants out, this part of her totally changes. At some point she may even tell you ‘ why don’t you learn to fix this yourself?’ or something along those lines.

Second Chances?

When you begin to notice two or more of these signs, you may want to sit down with her and talk about what’s wrong. Sometimes, all that a girl needs is for her man to listen to her and know how she truly feels. When she opens up, let her speak her heart out – you’ll never know what’s been boiling up inside her for the longest time if you don’t.

Go back in time together. Try to find out what went wrong. Ask her if she really wants out or just needs to be away for some time. If you think that she just needs some space, give it to her. And while she’s away, go to a good Seduction Blog to help you win her back. Sometimes couples just need reliving the emotions that have lain idle due to familiarity.

If you really want to keep her, then go work on it. Knowing how to control a girl’s mind could help you reverse her harsh decisions.

It’s never too late, buddy!

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