Are Her Actions Saying She Wants You Back?

by vicentekarl on May 28, 2013

Hi y’all! After I wrote my article about the signs that your girlfriend might be breaking up with you, I thought, “What happens immediately after a breakup?” I’ve been in a few relationships, which means I’ve been through breakups. And looking back, I’ve always wondered if my girlfriend wanted me back. However, I never did entertain the thought. Talk about learning the hard way. So I’m doing this post as a favor to the broken-hearted. Feel free to express your thoughts.

So you’ve been sitting around for a while now trying to decide whether or not your ex-girlfriend wants you back. You know, she’s been a little bit more present lately, you always see her accidentally, she sends group texts, asks about the dog more often than usual, or has been asking about the old dress she left at your place but never really took it back. But somehow, the careful you do not want to assume anything. But before you indulge yourself in the best movies to watch after a breakup, STOP. How do you know if she’s interested in getting back together, or she is just doing what she does as part of her moving on routine?  Are there telltale signs that indicate she does want to give your relationship another chance?

The answer is, yes. While some of them may be a little ambivalent to some extent, three or more of these signs surely say that she may be thinking about reconciliation.

The Signs

Here are the signs you should be on the lookout for before you think about meeting another woman:

She makes her presence known, subtly. She is almost at every party with you and your common friends, you always catch her at your old hangout, or she somehow dropped in on your sister with a cake for no reason. Oh, maybe you also “accidentally” saw each other outside of your office building and she could not quite give you a definite answer as to why she was there, or maybe she constantly ‘likes’ your Facebook posts and photos and makes a comment or two about something.

She keeps in touch with you. She greets you on our birthday, she asks when you were sick, she calls to remind you about some scheduled re-vaccination, or she simplykeeps you as a friend on Facebook. She may even invite you over for coffee or tea randomly.

She is interested about your life. Apart from keeping you on her Facebook news feed, she asks your friends about you. She wants to know how you are and wants to stay updated.

She is still single and shuns out the idea of dating again. When she does not get herself involved with anyone and does not even go out on anything that resembles a date, she might actually be keeping her doors open for you. That doesn’t mean, though, that you should do the same. And don’t think about it too much. Here’s an awesome article on attracting and seducing women which should get your mind off it.

She is still possessive of you. These are mostly indirect hints and are hard to tell. Signs of these include getting jealous at the news of you meeting a new girl, talking about you like you were still together like “Oh yeah he loves that a lot. He gets it with his beer”, even when she says it really casually and nonchalantly. Or maybe she gets a little weird when another woman asks about you. Or maybe still refers to you guys as “we” semi-accidentally *wink*

Still talks about the relationship. Whenever you guys get the chance to talk, she still talks about the breakup, the problems, or how great it was when you were together. It could even be as subtle as a remark about that silly little thing you guys both love that she blurted out of the blue.

Remember, however, that seeing just one of these signs is not a good indicator she wants you back. So observe but don’t make assumptions.  But then again if she’s incorrigibly clingy  perhaps you don’t want her back regardless of how she feels.

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