What Every Single Guy Should Bring On Travels

by vicentekarl on January 24, 2014

Hello people.  This is Vicente reporting back to duty with another post I hope you’ll all find useful.

While I was on vacation last year, there was this one guy who came up to me asking what I thought hypnotism is good for.  I felt a bit challenged to defend my profession so I told him – almost anything you can think of.  Ever heard of hypnotherapy? While some people knock hypnotism because of old movies portraying it as nothing more than manipulation, hypnotism can and has been used to ease pain, retrieve lost memory, reinforce positive personality traits like confidence, weight loss, etc.  Because I used self hypnosis to make sure I enjoyed my vacation, I managed to brush off the mild insult; the guy walked off schooled on the benefits of hypnosis.

Talking about vacations, it does not matter if you’re traveling for business or for pleasure; if you’re a single guy and you’re going on a trip, these tips are for you. See, traveling is one of the most perfect places to meet the ladies. You’ll get to see different types of ladies, not the generic party kind you meet in bars, more than just your average good girls at the Sunday service, and maybe tons hotter than the girls at your gym’s yoga class.

And because of this infinite opportunity to meet females on your trip, whether it’s by ship, by bus, by train, by plane, and maybe even by car, you have to be ready. You have to always be ready and on the lookout for the ladies you’re bound to meet on the trip [6], at your hotel bar, or at the beach.

Travel Essentials

For starters, here are some travel essentials for every single guy; these are the things that will help make sure that you are ready to meet and mingle with women wherever and whenever:

A good wardrobe – you need to dress the part. You should have wardrobe that should fit your every itinerary. If you’re going on a business trip, you’d likely be supposed to wear a suit so that should already be in your list. But unless you’re going to your business meeting straight from the airport, you would be great with a plane outfit. Make sure you also have clothes for going out, two pairs of jeans (dark one and light one), and always have fresh undies. You wouldn’t want to wind up in bed with a lady and turn her off with your two-day old, stinky briefs. Eww! Make sure you also have a good pair of shoes to fit all of your clothes – you cannot possibly bring your entire shoe collection just to match every little outfit so at least have one pair that fits all.

A little something to pass the time, like a good book, helps. Books are not just a great way to pass time; they are also perfect bait for conversations with girls when you’re on a waiting time. So bring a book whether you’re waiting to board your plane, while the train is in motion, or maybe even when you’re sitting on the beachside trying to get a tan. Your book will attract more meaningful conversations than your abs! Good like PUADatabase.com guide to become the alpha male.

Bring your manners and good hygiene habits with you.  Deo, toothbrush, breath spray, mints, are all hygiene essentials. Hygiene is even more important when you go out. Buy a toiletry bag that could fit all of them in one place so you don’t have to rummage through your entire luggage when you need them. And besides, a good pack of mints is a good conversation starter. (Thanks for the idea Mentos and Tic Tacs)

A trusty music player attracts conversation. Forget about the baggy Beats by Dr Dre headphones, you’re not Justin Beiber. You can survive well on your trusty ol’ music player (or your smartphone) and some decent looking earplugs. Oh, and they work just like books.

Don’t forget your man accessories. Shades always add a touch of mystery and pizzazz to any look; the right bracelet and watch can add an entirely new dimension to a look.

Now you’re ready to meet and greet women along the way! Bon voyage!

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