Update: What’s Going On In My Life

by vicentekarl on October 21, 2012

Got a quick update on what’s currently going on in my life. I am taking a break from blogging about mind control and persuasion, and I will be going on a six-month pilgrimage to Malaysia, Indonesia and China. Believe it.

I’ve always wanted to do this for very long, and finally the time has come. I will be visiting my friends Tommy and Marc in Malaysia first, before heading south (to Jakarta) and finally to Beijing, China. Seducing Chinese women will be fun – especially when I am already armed with “how to seduce women” techniques which I have already talked about in my previous blog post here. It’s gonna be fun, fun, fun.

Getting a place to stay for the short term is particularly difficult in Malaysia. Despite being my close buddies, Tommy and Marc never did offer to put me up at their homes. So I decided to be a little independent and researched for real estate and properties in Malaysia online. It’s really very interesting – and here I am going to share with you some tips on how to get listings of houses for sale or rent in Malaysia. If you are interested in going there for a short stay, then read this handy little guide on acquiring properties in Malaysia.

Malaysia Real Estate – Some Practical Tips

First of all, understand that the Malaysia property sector is kind of fragmented. You definitely need the local knowledge of real estate brokers in order to make a wise investment. Do not attempt to buy Malaysia properties without a good real estate agency on your side.

Secondly, do your online research. English is widely spoken in Malaysia, and you can get lots of first-hand information on the Malaysia property sector simply by reading some blogs. My favorite is Susan Lee’s Malaysia Property For Sale website. It’s pretty awesome. Listings and real estate classified sites like Iproperty are also pretty good, as well as online Malaysia property forums like those hosted at LowYat.net.

Thirdly, once you have decided which property to buy, then you must consider the LEGAL implications of your property purchase. Remember that you are a foreigner, and there are specific rules that foreign real estate investors must follow. Again, local real estate brokers will be able to help you. Do not buy real estate blindly, especially in a foreign land.

In summary, before you attempt to purchase Malaysia properties, do the following:-

  • Start your research online. I like personal real estate blogs – those which are not overtly commercial
  • Engage a local (Malaysian) property agency. They are not expensive. And they are worth it.
  • Consider the legal issues pertaining to foreign real estate purchase.

Keep on rockin’,

PS: I have received some emails to ask for recommendations for the brainwave entrainment programs which I have first talked about here in my previous blog article. I recommend NeuroActivator (http://neuroactivator.com), but some other programs are also good. I will do a quick review in my next blog post before I leave for Malaysia.

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