Why Dating Online Makes Perfect Sense

by vicentekarl on April 12, 2013

Greetings dear readers!

Do you know that I met my current girlfriend through online dating?  While it was not a case of ‘love at first chat’, over time, the relationship bloomed to the stable one it is now.  It’s been one year since we bacame a couple and I couldn’t be happier really.  Good thing I fought my initial apprrehension and took a chance at online dating!

A lot of men in their 20s and 30s are hesitant to try out online dating. For some reason, they feel that online dating is for retirees and creeps looking for girls who are either looking for a paid hookup or weird women who go out in their hair rollers.

However, there are lots of good reasons why men – yes, even the young, robust, and confident ones – should actually think about trying online dating. Others have taken the step and surprisingly, they are happy (perhaps happier than most others). Some of them have even ended up in wonderful, happy marriages.

Plus, online dating has its own benefits that you can hardly get from traditional dating. Check out my list of why you  should start looking for a good dating site today:

1. It is practical and definitely more affordable. If you’re on minimum to a little above median wage, online dating might actually suit you better than hanging out in bars all night. The number of women you get to meet and mingle with for an hour sitting alone or with friends in a pub probably isn’t even close to half the number of girls waiting to meet you online. You can find women living a few blocks from you without having to leave your couch or having to buy her a drink; you may even find girls you didn’t even know existed, you could actually be working at the same office with.

2. It’s safer. Until you end up meeting face-to-face, you are free from gold digging girls who are after the contents of your pocket. They cannot do you any harm as long as you practice safety precautions (no giving out of home addresses, bank statements, family tree, ex-girlfriends, and no nudity).

3. You don’t need to look great or smell great. Unless you find someone worthy of several hundreds of bucks on dinner plus an expensive suit and a David Beckham-worthy perfume, you don’t need to make effort on your general appearance for online dating. Okay, you may need to at least look clean and presentable if you are going to meet the girl on cam, but she won’t know you’ve been wearing the same shirt and jeans for a week. (Plus, the web camera has special magic that makes people look more attractive…some weird sort of Skype sorcery)

4. For the shy ones, it is the easier way. You don’t have to show your bad case of nerves until you finally meet face to face. It’s easier to make a girl like you because nerves won’t be in your way. You can be just a bit more confident, instead of looking like a dork. Your conversations are bound to be less awkward, giving you the chance to know each other better.  Internet chats allow people to reveal the bright side of their  personality without being taken over by shyness.

5. Girls your age are actually doing the exact same thing. Yes, believe it or believe it, a lot of girls in their 20s and 30s are starting to venture into online dating. You’d be able to get the chance to try out some seduction techniques such as the October Man Sequence on different girls of different ages and different personalities. Also, girls have found it economical, more convenient, and safer (in a sense, given still, that they practice proper online etiquette, demeanor, and safety precautions) way of meeting men for possible relationships.

So would you try it out? Is that a yes? Yes. You know you should.

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