How To Behave After A Date (If You Want To See Her Again!)

by vicentekarl on June 21, 2013

Most people – men and women alike – think that the moment they get through a date, the worst is over. You no longer have to worry about how the date goes through, how well you are going to behave or how to get through awkward moments of silence between the two of you. Well, not at least for a couple of days until your next date that is.

Hah! Never have they been so wrong. The post-date period is pretty much just as torturous! There’s a certain degree of anxiety on what is to come (or if there is anything to come after the first date) coupled with some leftover regrets from certain moments during the date that you think you’ve failed at something.

Some people take it lightly, but others just cannot be classy enough so they make mistakes that kill whatever little chances are left for getting a follow up date.

Here are some of the most common mistakes men make after a date:

Promising to call without actually meaning to do it: So the date was horrible. We know you have fears about dating. So it was so horrible you’re really not looking forward to seeing her again and you have no plans whatsoever of calling her. But out of what you think was “courtesy”, you say, “Call you soon?” or “I’ll call you” even when that was the opposite of what you had in mind. Just because you know how to meet women anywhere doesn’t mean you can be a jerk. Courtesy is being honest and tactful at the same time – that includes not saying things just to make the other person feel good. Promising to call when you have no intention to is not courtesy; it’s called lying.

Expecting more than a peck on the cheek at goodbye: Unless you’re the quintessential epitome of irresistible and you are the god of sexy, you cannot possibly make a girl drop her reserve and kiss you after a mere two hours of sharing a plate of lobster and some cabernet. [19] You know, girls still practice self-preservation so instead of putting your lips out for her to kiss, do as the French and the British do: kiss lightly on both cheeks. It’s slightly intimate but non committal. It will make her feel respected too.

Waiting for the girl to call: You were non committal when you parted ways after your date. You didn’t make the mistake of promising to call, which is really good. But you want to go out with her again and all you do is stare at your phone as if her name would magically appear onscreen to call you. The most she would do is send you a short ‘Thank you for the dinner’ text. It’s you who are expected to know what to say to the woman you like.

Posting a blow-by-blow account of the date or posting nasty things about it on Facebook: Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody on Facebook. Posting nasty or indecent stuff about how the date went, like ‘Pretty…not!’ or ‘JGH from date. Meh’ even when you’re not friends on Facebook it’s just bad for two reasons: (1) she’d know about it and hate you for it, and (2) it shows the kind of man you are! At best, keep your nasty remarks to yourself because that’s what real men do.

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